The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – Merry Christmas Menu!

3 days and counting to Christmas!! :P

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Yes yes, anyone feeling the Christmas-sy mood yet? Well, I’ll be surprised if you’re not! Where have you been hiding?? :P

Pretty Red Velvet Cupcake from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf – RM5.80.

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Being a foodie, every festival marks another round of feasting. Without a doubt, with the Christmas season round the corner, turkeys, cold cuts, fruit cakes, gingerbread man, stollen were high on my bingeing list!

coffee bean - Christmas menu

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I doubled my Celebrity Fitness workout sessions lately, just to make sure I could still fit into my dresses for my Christmas and New Year celebrations. :P

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But resistance was futile when I was serve these Christmas goodies from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf last week.
Honestly, I have always loved the food and pastries/cakes from The Coffee Bean. It’s my much preferred option compared to the other “popular” coffee chain, but for WIFI (which is an absolutely essential for me), Coffee Bean’s log-in procedure is seriously a turn-off.

Hence my rather irregular visits to Coffee Bean. I hope they fix that soon, cos then I can make Coffee Bean my regular meetings and hang-out spot while tucking into my favourite Chinese Chicken Salad!

Since their regular menu is agreeable to me, I didn’t expect anything less of the Christmas menu. I did have my apprehension at first, worrying that it might be oversweet, as most Christmas goodies are.

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Happily for me, everything on the menu was superb! From the savoury to the sweets, all were prepared/baked very well.

Nothing was too sweet, too oily, or too rich.

Chocolate Virginia BrownieRM12.50.

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Coffee Chocolate CheesecakeRM9.90

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Classic Log Cake – RM9.50 – price is for each slice from the cake counter.

Classic Log Cake

Christmas Stollen – RM7.90/2 pcs.  RM36.00/ 500g.

coffee bean - Christmas menu-3

Tuna Spinach Pie – RM7.80.

coffee bean - Christmas menu-12

coffee bean - Christmas menu-4

The White Chocolate Strawberry Meringue. RM90.00 (1.8kg).

coffee bean - Christmas menu-10

This cake was lovely! Very light mousse-based custard that is nicely balanced out texture-wise with crispy meringue which surprisingly, not saccharinely sweet.
Actually, one could easily have a few slices of this without feeling bloated. (Do note that I scrapped the icing on top off, as I do not take cream in my diet). There were some vanilla sponge layers in-between but generally this was a very light cake.

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CBTL Christmas whole cakes and party packs are available at a 10% discount if purchased online ( or with their TCB Card.

It will come in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf very own designer box.

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And choices are as below:
The Strawberry Meringue Cake. RM81.00.
White Chocolate Strawberry Meringue
The Coffee Cheesecake.
Coffee Choc Cheesecake
I love my cheesecake in this texture – neither too dense nor too spongy like those Japanese cheesecakes. I like mine with a bit of volume yet not with the stick- to- the- mouth kind of wetness. Yes, I’m a fussy eater. As usual.
Oh, I must add that the coffee flavour was distinctive, and fused nicely with the rich cheese.
coffee bean - Christmas menu-2
And let’s not forget their signature Christmas drinks – English Toffee and the Double Chocolate Peppermint.
I hate mint but this Double Chocolate Peppermint wasn’t too strong on the mint, leaving a pleasant mild cooling aftertaste but well blended with the rich chocolate. *thumbs up*
coffee bean - Christmas menu-7

The Virginia Chocolate Brownie – Whole Cake.
Chocolate Virginia Brownie

I just want to add a bit about The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s role on social responsibility here.
CBTL gives back to the tea plantations and coffee estates from which they source the top 1% quality coffees and teas in the world. Every bag of coffee purchased contributes to the schools and communities in those estates. This is known as The Caring Cup initiative (

This year CBTL is targeting towards building a rest area for the Sri Lanka Children’s Cancer Center. One rest area costs RM15,000 to build, and it is meant for the children’s caregivers to stay in during their treatment period. With this every proceed of the Deck the Tree Card (RM2 per card) goes to the fund.

the coffee bean and tea leaf - christmas

So the next time you’re near any CBTL outlets, drop in and get yourself a card! Do some good during this Christmas season and think of those children.

And to the coffee lovers, CBTL range of really cool coffee machines are offered at a 20% discount now til 31st Jan ( For selected Maybank/Amex cards (+ Free Starter Pack)).

Not a Maybank/Amex card holder? It’s still 20% off but you got to grab one before 1st of Jan! 🙂

Kaldi – RM980 (RM784), Contata – RM880 (RM704).  .


So which would be your top pick out of all the above from the CBTL Christmas menu? Mine is the delicious, densely packed Tuna Spinach pie! 🙂