Technology Glitch

Sighh.. the set-back of technology really..

Apologies for the short hiatus from the blog-sphere.. one of life technology worst hiccup that could have happened, well..happened.
My laptop was hit by a virus and I lost all my documents. All my Word files has only one line “Hack by debugger!!!”.
At first I thought it was some bad joke..having opened one of my old files that listed out the recipe that I was looking for.

But after looking through all my other files, excel included, I realized everything has gone KAPUT.
I immediately switched off my modem, since the word “hack” brings vision of a mad fat boy hacker munching on stale pizza gleefully deleting all of my files’ contents and implanting some terrible bug into my laptop.

A panic call to an IT expert verified that it’s not quite the scenario as I have over-actively imagined. He was familiar with this message and ruefully told me it is akin to mission impossible to attempt recovery of these files. “You did back-up didnt you?” he queried, with obvious hope in his voice.
Ahh..why do people always ask that question when things like this happen??

Yours truly here has been busy jetting around and involved in many freelance contracts the last 1 month and No, has not done any back-up.
Grrrrr… irked like hell I had no choice but to recover as many files as I could, going by the titles of the document. Long tedious task. Of which I have yet to finish till today. Pwhhheett..

So I had to re-write all my post entries, in total 7, for my normal modus operani is to type it out in Word, upload pics and copy and paste the sentences/pics into its sequence.

Thank god I didn’t lose any pics. For it seems that this virus only hits Microsoft Office documents. Jeezz.. next time I’m using Notepad.

So yeahh.. posts from my H- Factor Pg – Johor – KK trip here..

H-Factor PENANG – 12th Oct 08

Johor and KK coming soon..

Now if you don’t mind.. moi has to continue to recover more files..

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