Tai Thong Mooncakes 2013 – Imperial Musang King Royale durian mooncake

After the ramadan buffets, it’s time to indulge in mooncakes.
I started this year binge with 10 different moncakes samplings few days back at Tai Thong, and one particular flavour that got me hooked was the Imperial Musang King Royale.
A limited edition mooncake (so limited that advanced reservations are encouraged), this luscious and creamy snowskin creation is made with 100% premium Musang King Durian, without the addition of any flour, colouring or sugar (save for the snowskin).

Tai Thong Mooncakes-004

Tai Thong Mooncakes-028

Meet Chef Yiu Wing Keung; the mastermind of the mooncakes flavours for Tai Thong and Chef has a total of 27 years of experience in mooncake manufacturing.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-002

The durian mooncake is fabulous; a truly exceptional creation and a sure hit for those who loves their durians. Since purely durian pulp is used, it is paramount that the best durians are sourced and used in the mooncakes. I was informed that the durians came from our very own Malaysian farms in Raub, Pahang.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-029

Acknowledged by durian aficionados as the King of Durians, Musang King Durians are renowned for their full bodied aroma, bittersweet taste and thick clotted-cream- like texture. Also known as the Raja Kunyit, this heavenly fruit is the most sought after durian in the world.
I had a quarter of this mooncake after lunch and I tried to make my little quarter piece last as long as possible; savouring the creamy, luscious, bittersweet pulp in my mouth. I was pleased that the delicate snowskin complemented the taste of the fruit and didn’t distract me from the key flavours from the filling.

The Imperial Musang King Royale is RM78 for a minimum order of 2 pieces and it’s available at all Tai Thong outlets in Malaysia. Please refer to the namecard below.

TaiThong moon cakes 3

It is advisable to freeze the durian mooncakes if you intend to keep it longer than a week. There is also this special case as below to keep your Musang King mooncakes nicely chilled during transportation.

Tai Thong Mooncakes-040

So, who’s a fan of durians here and will be getting a pair of the Imperial Musang King Royale durian mooncakes soon? 😀

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