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West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa unveils a new lunch-time a la carte dining experience, this time focusing on dim Sum and other home-style dishes. Diners can expect up to 100 varieties of dim sum all crafted by is the restaurant’s Dim Sum Master Chef Low Kim Ong and his culinary team.

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Chinese New Year Menu 2014: West Lake Garden – Sunway Resorts Hotel & Spa

Becky’s 1 Minute Summary:
What: Pork free. Semi fine Chinese dining, dishes with Hakka, Szechuan & Cantonese influences.
What to order here: This review is particularly for the 2014 CNY set menus so do refer to the menus and prices HERE ->http://kualalumpur.sunwayhotels.com/offers/ReunionFeasting.aspx
I find the soups, 8 treasures duck & fish particularly enticing.
Overall experience: I have visited West Lake Garden for a few years for their CNY offerings and there are hits & misses. However each year it had been a different chef. This year is Chef Roy taking the helm and his dishes (based on what we tasted as below) were good!
Price: RM1288++ to RM2288 ++ for 10 pax. 
Valid: 6th January 2014 – 14th February 2014.

For the long story, read on. :)


Wow, Chinese New Year is in about 3 weeks away!
How time flies, back then in 2013 especially. Things really took off for the blog and I’m grateful to have come this far.
And in 2014, I hope the stars would shine even brighter. :)

And even before the year is out, I’m already tossing to health, wealth and happiness for 2014.

Yee Sang @ West Lake Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel-006

Chinese New Year Menu 2013: West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

I had very good mooncakes, rice dumplings and even sampled West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant’s Chinese New Year menu last year. This year, if possible, I’m liking their food even more.

At the point of sampling, I’ve had 6 Yee Sangs prior and this unarguably took the title of the best I have had.
The plate offers more fresh ingredients than the dried and fried items which I don’t really fancy. The salmon was the thickest served to me for yee sang so far and its fresh and firm flesh sure did made every bite of the yee sang even more enjoyable.

Chinese New Year 2013-West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant-Sunway Resort Hotel-002

Fuzion – All Day Dining Cafe at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Fuzion, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa’s latest baby cost a whopping RM14-15 mil in renovations and though I’m no restoration expert, I’m inclined to say it’s moolah well spent.

fuzion, sunway resort hotel & spa-11

fuzion, sunway resort hotel & spa-12

The 360-seat cafe offers feasting in both air-conditioned comfort amidst its contemporary interior with really comfy chairs and spaciously laid-out tables. Alternatively diners can choose to al- fresco dine at its terrace and garden area surrounded by lush greenery and the calming sounds of water.

I know I would opt for outdoor dining anytime!  :P

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MIGF 2011 – West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Chinese Master Chef, Chan Choo Kean has never cease to amaze me with his culinary creations & creativity streak.
During the rice dumplings festival, I savoured his whopping 3kg rice dumpling; plus an array of skillfully prepared desserts.

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-19

Then I returned again for his delectable Shuang Wei Mooncakes; all of which were incredibly good, especially the novel ones like Snow Skin Green Tea with Royal Milk Tea and Mocha Paste, Golden Baked Low Sugar White Lotus Paste with Salted Dried Shrimp & Snow Skin Chocolate Whisky Paste.

west lake garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-21

That’s Master Chef Chan’s specialty I guess; his touch & ability to create new blend of flavours that works each time. Some chefs does it well, though most chefs’ efforts tend to turn out disastrous.
In Chef Chan’s case, it has been consistently stellar so far!

The sumptuous platter that whets the appetite.

MIGF 2011 - west lake garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa -1

Rice Dumplings Festival & DESSERTS @ West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

The elegant & stately decor of West Lake Garden, Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa greeted me as I entered the restaurant from the lobby.

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-01

Relaxing immediately from the after- work rush hour, I soothed my eyes on the pretty eye piece & breathed in the sweet-smelling scent in the air that is distinctive to this hotel.

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-05

West Lake Garden Chinese Restaurant exudes modern oriental opulence. I was captivated with the traditional furnishings; the chests, the panels & the paintings on the walls.

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-0

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-06

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-03

But nothing prepared me for the sight of this.

West Lake Garden - Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa-08