Start of a healthy journey – Ephyra collagen drink & Nu Skin probiotics

I have been making a lot of changes to my diet and added on supplement intake a few months back after numerous unexplained bouts of illness. For a start I was more concerned with my gut, as I was having constant acid reflux and gastric attacks.

Long story short, I invested quite a few thousands for supplements and I’m currently taking multivitamins, probiotics and even a herbal weight loss formula, since my current obsession is better definition and tone for my body.

Upon rising from bed every morning I’ll gulp down ONE probiotic pill and a sachet of Ephyra mixed in 200 ml of water. Following that I’ll drink up to 500ml to 1 litre more of water, as I read somewhere that drinking a lot of water upon waking up and on an empty stomach supposedly flushes out toxins and whatever else more.

ephyra month 1

From all the supplements I have been taking, I’ll like to highlight on Ephyra first and foremost. The reason is that I have a few friends, both male and female who are currently on this 3 months program. Ephyra is a collagen-based antioxidant drink which would help you achieve a more radiant complexion, younger and firmer skin as well as enhancing internal and external health.

I officially began my “beauty” affair with Ephyra on the 16th of November. Yes as I’m penning this post it’s been 9 days. Have I seen miracles happened? Am I now defying aging & looking 1 decade younger? Well folks, it’s a herbal supplement so do not expect too much in 9 days!

It reputedly takes about 2-3 months for the full effect. Meanwhile let me share with you what this product promises:

what it can do ephyra

1. 100% guarantee that it works.

So, what’s in it?

ingredients of ephyra

All the super antioxidants- I’m sure all of us are familiar with collagen and acai berry; reputedly to be a “superfood”.

Next, all the awesome ingredients doesn’t mean much if it’s not absorbed by the body. In fact most of the time supplements doesn’t work because more than 70% passed through the body without being absorbed.

absorption of ephyra

And of course, some testimonials.

testimonials of ephyra and other collagen

As you can see, the effects are from inside out. And the most visible is on the skin.

testimonials of ephyra and other collagen

before and after of ephyra

Reasons to choose Ephyra versus others:

differences of ephyra and other collagen

Even celebrities endorses Ephyra.

celebrity endorsements for ephyra

And it’s HALAL certified!

halal jakim for ephyra

I’ll update you guys on the verdict at the end of December alright? 😀

In the meantime, if you’re interested to know more about this product, visit and LIKE their Facebook page for current offers and updates. Instagram users can also follow their instagram account at: ephyra2u

Interested to make a purchase? Here are the details:
Email: [email protected]
Contact: +603 41417889 OR sms 019 3999 238
Price: RM197 per box of 30 sachets – 15 gram each for a month supply .

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