Starbucks Malaysia: Pineapple Tarts

Happy Chinese New Year to all my friends and readers! 🙂

I’m not a particular fan of pineapple tarts, but when a friend of mine in Kluang told me that he found the Starbucks pineapple tarts to be quite palatable, I was instantly curious.

Starbucks Malaysia Pineapple Tarts

Like really? Starbucks + pineapple tarts?

So I sneaked a look at the box one day when I was in Starbucks.

Wow, so they’ve got chocolate and green tea ones too. Not bad.

Starbucks Malaysia Pineapple Tarts-001

I managed to resist buying them for a month, since I figured that I wasn’t curious enough, and I had quite a number of cookies (specifically pineapple tarts) at home.

Today being the eve of the Lunar New Year, I found myself at Starbucks for a respite after shopping.
And there are the silver boxes of pineapple tarts, stacked up and tempting me.

In the festive mood (shopping mood to be exact), I thought “Ah, what the hell, let’s try it.”

Starbucks Malaysia Pineapple Tarts

So I got myself a box, RM42 for 8 tarts, and crossed my fingers and toes that I won’t regret it.

Starbucks Malaysia: Pineapple Tarts:
1. Chocolate Strawberry – (rich chocolate crust, strawberry flavoured pineapple paste)
2. Green Tea Blueberry – (matcha/green tea crust, blueberry flavoured pineapple paste)
3. Classic – (buttery crust, tangy pineapple paste)

Starbucks Malaysia Pineapple Tarts-002

Starbucks Malaysia Pineapple Tarts - Review

Starbucks Malaysia Pineapple Tarts - Review-003

Overall verdict: I like the novelty flavours of the paste but found them all too sweet.
However, the paste does have a nice tang to it thus I bet it would have been nicer if it was less saccharine.
In fact, this has just given me an idea; instead of flavoured crust, flavoured pineapple paste sounds very viable!
Maybe I’ll explore this for 2016 CNY. 🙂
As for the crust I felt it was so-so; crumbly but a bit dry.

Starbucks Malaysia Pineapple Tarts - Review-002

Starbucks Malaysia Pineapple Tarts - Review-001

RM42 for 8 pieces. Hmmm…

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