Star Wars mooncakes by Mei Xin Mooncakes Hong Kong

I bought these for the metal cases.
Yes, the primary motivation paying for the boxes!

star wars mooncake mei xin Malaysia-002

However, I was pretty confident that Hong Kong mooncakes can’t be that bad, though I did have my reservations about the chocolate ones.

I mean, what if it was milky and saccharinely sweet?

Anyhow, I took my chances and rushed to the nearest Village Grocer to grab one each since both are nice!

Here is my video at “unboxing” them.
The metal cases are of solid quality and the mooncakes are delicious!

** Link to video on my FB:

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 4.48.18 PM.png

Naturally I prefer the custard version over the chocolate, though I could assure you that the chocolate used are of quality and not overly sweet.

star wars mooncake mei xin Malaysia-001

The new mooncake packaging comes in two different versions – the black packaging features the face of Darth Vader and it has 4 (45g each) lava chocolate mooncakes embossed with the Imperial sign while the white Stormtrooper one consists of four custard lava mooncakes (45g each) bearing the imprint of the Rebel Alliance emblem..

And as a bonus, the BACK of the covers sports a cool Star Wars design as well!

mei xin star wars

star wars mooncake mei xin Malaysia

RM106 for each is worth a buy (personally for me) because the current prices for hotel/restaurant chain mooncakes are going for RM20 – RM30 each (with nice packaging) but the flavours are so predictable – lotus, white lotus, pandan lotus, more lotus, sesame lotus, and LOTUS.

Ok, you get the drift right?

If you buy 2 like I did, it is RM189 (RM23 off).

Where to buy:
Jaya Grocer branches: I got mine this morning at Tropicana Mutiara BU.
As precaution, I had my PA contacting a few branches near me to ensure stock availability before rushing over.
So far all branches have stock.

Well, better grab them quick before they ran out!

Like I said, the mooncakes are of good quality and taste pretty awesome. Furthermore these imported from Hong Kong.
And rather than most common oriental boxes or circular casing or wooden packaging, you get limited edition STAR WARS metal cases. 🙂