Wheeee! I’m in Singapore!
Albeit a last min trip, all seems good so far.

Oh… I was stranded at Customs at Woodlands, no thanks to our Malaysia Boleh bus operators. For a RM39 tic, I was supposed to be dropped off at the Golden Mile Complex, but surprise surprise.. the bus driver, at 3am, told us to switch to another bus, which supposedly will take us to the rest of our journey.
I was sleepy so I groggily hopped off the bus and took my new seat in the new bus. After all, this happens all the time during my bus trips thru and fro Pg-KL hence I didn’t suspect any foul play.

After the luggage check and getting my passport stamped, I hurriedly back to the bus. Take god I remembered the bus number, I told myself.

Imagine my shock when the bus driver shooed me (yes, he literally shove me off the stairs up the bus!) & said “No no,
we are only taking you up to this point. That’s the arrangement we had with your previous bus”.

Mouth hanging, I stared at him in shock. “Uh, I argued, I bought the ticket which is supposed to take me all the way to Golden Mile! If you leave me here, how am I supposed to get to Sg??”

He shrugged his shoulders, went inside the bus and drove off after making sure his “own” passengers were all on the bus.

Fully awake now, I searched around for the other passengers from my previous bus, and saw some coming towards the bus lanes, looking for the bus. I told them what happened, and all were really shocked and dismayed.

To cut the long story short, another bus took me to Golden Mile, after I promised to pay SGD5. It didn’t help that I had zero SGD on me. But I guess they pitied a lost, teary girl who probably looked a tad hysterical at that time of the morning (5am).
Other people I spoke to told me to take bus 170 to Golden Mile, but with no SGD on me, I didn’t even had chance at boarding one.

Anyhow, I’m now safely in Sg πŸ˜‰

My friend’s place is cool. Dozed off til 11am, and we headed off to Orchard Road.

Oh my, Ion Orchard is HUGE, with funky futuristic design.

Ion Orchard

Ion Orchard1

Ion Orchard2

4 basements, 4 storeys upper ground levels. So many shops, so many people and so many things to eat!!

My friend wanted to try this, and said there’s perpetually a queue since its opening. Since we were pretty early that day (12pm), the queue wasn’t too bad.
Modern Peking Duck.
Mod Peking Duck

Early, hence there was a whole pig to be butchered up!
a whole PIG!

We were here for this. And ONLY this.
careful de-boning..
Mod Peking Duck
Mod Peking Duck rolls

For SGD6, it was yummy!
Mod Peking Duck Prices

Moist succulent generous cuts of duck in each roll.
Peking duck roll

Then we got ourselves some healthy herbal drinks..

Our Bamboo Leaf and Sugarcane drink. Not very sweet and most refreshing.
bamboo leaf drink
Next, a queue reminiscent of our very own J Co kinda of length. At 12pm no less!

For Renaldo’S Apple Strudel & Pastries.
Renaldo'S queue

Eclairs of various fillings.
the strudels
Renaldo'S Apple Strudel & Pastries
Apparently, Renaldo is having a promo cos of Sg’s National Day. A full sized Apple Strudel (approx 10 inches) for only SGD10! (Normal price SGD19.80). No wonder laa the queue!
But no, I didn’t queue for Renaldo, since I have already placed an order for this.
ARINCO KING. Salt Caramel Roll. SGD18.
Damn, it’s like eating gold!
Furthermore, it is fully reserved for the day (at 1230pm!) so I had to place an order for a roll & pick up the next day.
It better be worth SGD18 (RM45)! (Will blog abt it after I pick it up tmw ok.)
Arinco King

After going round and round the mall and the food court, we finally gave up and bought buns for lunch! Sometimes variety ain’t good, especially for moi, since I can’t decide when presented with too many options.

A heaven for a bread-whore like me. Took me 30mins to decide what to buy. In the end, I chose a spinach cheese bun and a green curry bun. The chocolate bagels were screaming “Get me!” & the pastries and bite sized cakes had me transfixed. My friend literally dragged me out from the shop.

Then we went to check out the market place. I adore shopping at supermarkets when I’m overseas.
Malaysia seriously has some catching up to do on the stocking up of their supermarket shelves. The amazing range of condiments, cheeses, yogurts, cereals, etc available is mind-boggling.

I rounded up my lunch with a SGD2.00 Bircher Style Muesli yogurt, bought on discount. Normal price is SGD6.15 . A most wonderful yogurt. But of course, for RM15 – (normal price) what would you expect??
The yogurt smoothie is SGD1.25. Damn sweet. Urgrgh.
After lunch, we headed off to Sentosa Island. My friend who is quite a party animal, says there is a beach side party every Sunday at this place called The Shack.

En-route via VivoCity, we took the VivoCity/Sentosa Express, SGD3.00 to Sentosa Island.

Below: The beach, the construction works on-going for the casino and the makeshift DJ deck for the party, which amazingly sports a very decent sound system throughout the night.
Sg - Sentosa
The party and beach is animal friendly. Yup, the animals get to parteyyy too.
Sg - Sentosa1
Some body – beautiful peeps to oogle at, and some err…NOT.
The people @Shack, Sentosa
It was a party all right. Mostly expats of Singapore, these party animals drank, dance and mingle til wee hours of the morning.

Well, I’m now back home, getting ready to snooze..stay tuned for more Sg adventures!

To be continued…