Siew Yuk Mee at Seng Kee, Jalan Sultan

On our way to an appointment one Sat night and with tummies growling, Hannah suggested “siew yuk mee” somewhere in Petaling Street. My consent was fast and furious ;p .. after all, she got me at “siew yuk…”

I think it was the same Sat night as when these celeb floggers/bloggers were there; cumi&ciki , nic, unkaLeong.. but then too bad it was at different hours..

Roadside dining..
But not exactly road side prices…
Our lard-y and salty siew yuk mee..
I might be sensitive to salt. Or soya sauce. I don’t know. It was salty, really….. salty. The siew yuk was dry (the result of over-frying or akin to it’s been re-fried a few times too many) and barely chewable. But the good thing is the plate came with a lot of crunchy big pieces of crispy pork lard which we just couldn’t stop popping into our mouth like popcorns.
Note: There has been very good comments on the siew-yuk mee based on the blogs I’ve read, so I’m putting a disclaimer here ok, it could be too salty for me but ok for everyone else!

The cook in action.
The uncle in stripe shirt actually greeted Hannah, “You are Hannah Tan right?” and was nice to oblige us with our cam-whoring requests, despite the fact that they were running a full house that night.
She took pics of me too..(you better don’t post them up gal!! ) ggrrr…!
I liked the soup! The fish paste was truly soft, bouncy and fresh. Very high ratio of fish flesh to flour. The soup also helped to dilute the saltiness of the mee (my individual bowl become some sort like mee soup after a while as I added the soup into it to wash off the sauce) and made the mee more palatable. It doesn’t mean that the siew yuk mee was bad..I guess for me I just got to remember to order “less salty” and insist on fresher siew yuk on my next visit. (btw, next visit’s aim is for the fame rat-tails!)

Oh yeah..some of the goodies Hannah got for me from Japan.
It’s food related of course 😉
Let’s see…green tea and honey for my health.
Premium soya sauce for cooking or dipping.

And the very best of them all…
Tasted something like our local bak kua (sliced BBQ pork/Malaysian- style Jerky) or preserved chinese sausage.
Very fragrant and really tasty. Good on its own as a snack or even with bread. The packaging definitely makes it convenient for me, since it doesn’t drip of oil and keeps portioning small.

The address of Seng Kee..
They have 2 shifts, morning 6 or 7am onwards and closes only at 4am in the morning.
You can check out Hannah’s post on this as well and there’s a video too; if you are too free and got nothing else better to do! ;p

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