SCS Butter for Chinese New Year 2017 – baking and recipes

In 2015 I posted 8 different pineapple tart recipes from SCS.

That article proved to be hugely popular. You can check out the recipes here and bake some unique pineapple tarts for 2017 –>

I’m not sure what happened in 2016 but I was thrilled when I got news that SCS is sharing some cookies as well as recipes this year.

I waited in anticipation for my samples to arrive and eagerly munched on the Lucky Tangerine, the Treasure Cookies, the Pot of Gold Miniature Tarts and the Precious Pistachio cookies when it did.

The range of cookies and the box it came in was definitely much more impressive back in 2015 than the current 2017’s set.
I guess everyone is scaling down huh

Anyhow, personally the Lucky Tangerine a bit weird tasting but the butter cookie base for the precious pistachio is good. I love nuts so the Pot Gold Miniature Tarts disappeared in a jiffy.

I know there are many of us who are starting to bake (or had started) cookies since the Chinese New Year is merely 2 weeks away.
Here, you can find the recipes on SCS Malaysia website or you can refer to all of them on this page.

RECIPEPot of Gold Miniature Tarts



SCS tarts.41 PM.png

SCS tarts.53 PM.png


RECIPEPrecious Pistachio Cookies


SCS pistachio.31 PM.png

RECIPELucky Tangerine


SCS lucky tangerine .54 PM.png


RECIPE: Treasure Cookies (with icing)


SCS treasure cookies.06 PM.png

So have you been busy baking? 🙂

Which butter do you prefer? Where do you buy your butter?

I bake and sell Chinese New Year cookies too (you may refer to my CNY album here ( so like any other baker, I’m always seeking better options and prices for butter.

I know of a few of my suppliers and baker friends are fans of SCS as well.
I’ve tried to get in touch with a SCS distributor so I can buy in bulk and share the contact/stock with my fellow homebaker friends as well.

My other suppliers deliver for free for a min order of RM300 which is not a problem for us at all

However, this SCS contact that I was given was just too busy.
No replies and no follow up at all.



Guess I won’t be using SCS butter after all.
It’s true that I can get my supply from Bake With Yen/other baking stores; but the issues here it is not about where to buy the butter, but rather the unhappy feeling of being ignored.





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