Say YES ! to YES by YTL Communications, the fastest 4G mobile internet with voice

YTL’s soft launch of their @Yes4G launch #ytlc @ Cafe Vienna, Lot 10 Bukit Bintang was yesterday & as usual I was impressed to the nines of with what YTL has in store for all of us Malaysians.
Heck, YTL is doing a better job than most of our politicians & even our government at this point of time, for while we lament, curse & felt let down by these parties, YTL actually spored hope, inspires the people & gave us all something actually worth to look forward to!

Listening to Wing, CEO of YTL Comm stirring opening dialogue with claims of YES to be the 1st 4G mobile internet network in the world, launched by a Malaysian conglomerate (YTL) for Malaysians certainly arouses feelings in me that was thankfully, entirely dissimilar to the emotions I felt when it was announced that Malaysia is aiming to build another world’s tallest building. Now, that’s a FIRST that we should be proud of!

YTL YES 4G mobile

Now all YTL has to do is live up to the hype & it’s promises.
That’s left to be seen in the coming months. But what I can do now is share the buzz on YES, from what I have absorbed over delicious Austrian food at Vienna Cafe last night. Hehehe… 😉

I’m up today with a halo of excitement over yesterday night.
Imagine a world where #StreamyxSucks, “try facing your modem to the east/west-south/ WTH??! for better coverage...”, data capping doesn’t exist & doesn’t matter anymore.
Would you like that?

Oh, did I hear a “YES” ??!!?

Great then. Cos that’s what YES – the 4G mobile Internet with voice by YTL Comm is all about.

It’s the first converged 4G service in the world. Voice service is now a part of mobile Internet. Instead of having to subscribe to a voice plan, a mobile Internet plan & a mobile broadband plan, you can get everything in one simple plan with Yes.

So, you can surf, call and SMS at the lowest rates on your phone, laptop or computer. IT IS ALSO SIM – less! Yup, no sim card required! Only a YES unique ID.

Amazing things happen
when you say yes

Amazing things happen when you say yes.


One of the biggest challenges of the Internet age is synchronising all your address books on your phone, your computer, and in your e-mail account. YES makes your life easier with a unified address book that synchronises all your contacts online, in the cloud.

Your contacts is accessible from any device, at any time, making it easier for you to communicate. Best of all, you’ll never lose your contacts, even if you lose your phone.


In this fast paced world we live in; and with the need to be ahead is all that more important, YTL Comm totally understands that.

YES is an all-IP network that is designed with the Internet in mind, & topping that off with 100% digital, Quality-of-Service (QoS) voice calls.
A 4G network is 3 – 5 times faster than 3G simply cos it was designed for the Internet of today. 3G was built for voice. So when 3G networks try to move data on old technology, it becomes slow and congested.


Experience true convergence
With YES , you can do a whole lot more a whole lot easier. That’s because YES turns your phone into an extension of your computer, and vice versa. So you can send files, make and receive calls, play games, send and receive SMS, on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Watch it when you want it.
Watch the latest movie trailers, music videos etc with minimal pauses while loading. Yes, streaming videos on the go will be easy-peasy.

Play multiplayer games with a faster trigger.

Download large files almost instantly.

Stay connected to your social network.
Share at greater speed! Upload 100 photos in the time it used to take to upload 20. Post more videos in less time, blog, tweet & download music/videos/ anything SIMULTANEOUSLY!


Some specific hardware that you should know about:


Yes4G devices – Dongle (Go), WIFI hotspot (Huddle), Phone (Buzz) – capable of tethering , Home Gateway (Zoom)
YES Life is the client. Will work on both Windows and Mac.

We’ve said NO to the conventional SIM card, and introduced a new way of getting connected: just using your YES ID. With just one Yes ID & secure password, you can access your account on any device, and stay in touch with your contacts on Yes Life, our revolutionary unified communications platform. This is the first ever seamless, SIM-less mobile Internet experience.

Note: You can log on many devices simultaneously but NOT the SAME TYPE. eg: You are logged on (with SAME YES ID) at any one time to ONE mobile phone, ONE laptop, ONE desktop. If you happen to lose any of the devices, just change your password.

Getting started with YES: No lengthy installation or activation process. Just switch on any of our devices, sign in, & you’ll be on to the fastest 4G mobile Internet with voice.

Yes Life is a revolutionary unified communications experience that carries the things you normally do on your phone on to your computer. That means your phone becomes an extension of your computer, and your computer becomes a complement to your phone. Just sign in to Yes Life with your Yes ID, and everything you need is at your fingertips.

HOW MUCH?????????????

Note: No figures are released as yet & YTL is expected to share the $ aspect during its Grand Launch on 19th Nov!

For now, all we know is there are no commitment, expensive monthly plans & long-term contracts,plus  lowest rates for data, calls, & SMS without conditions.

Seamless usage
With YES, there are no separate plans for data, calls & SMS. Everything is in one flexible plan. You have total freedom to choose how you want to use your credit & how much you want to spend.

No more wastage
That’s because we’ve said no to multiple plans and high monthly commitments. Just pay as you use in one simple plan.

Credits that don’t expire
Other mobile companies make you forfeit your unused credit and force you to reload every 7, 10 or 30 days. At YES, your credits never expire, (AS LONG AS YOU DON’T, ROFL! ) so you only reload when you need to – when you’re out of credit.

COVERAGEYES covers 65% of the population, as a start.

65% is just the beginning
We know that it takes more than 65% of population coverage to turn Malaysia into a truly connected nation. Right now, we’re expanding our coverage to be in more places, even as you’re reading this.

What does that mean to me?
Surf from North to South
Say tata to boring long-distance drives & bus rides. The next time you’re on the North-South Highway, you can stay online all the way from Penang to Johor!!!!!!!!

Connection that moves at 120km/h
Unlike current 3G technology, YES lets you stay connected even when you’re travelling a speed of 120km/h. So go on BE PRODUCTIVE – TWEET 😉 , trade stocks, stream videos & reply emails while you’re in the car (just not while you’re driving, of course).

Get on the data train
Travelling can be a drag. But with YES, stay entertained – play games, check email & stream your fav shows the whole time you’re on the KLIA Express. Yes, even while travelling at 160 km/h.

If I’m OUT of the country?

All you need is an Internet connection, & you can make calls to all Malaysian numbers at local call rates. (That means, your call is charged like a local Malaysian call.)


YES lets you do more than just pay and reload online. You can view & track the amount of data, calls and SMS each sub-account has used, reload your basket, and transfer credit to your sub-accounts. You can also choose how you want to redeem your rebates.

YTL has spent USD850m on the YES 4G network, with 2500 base stations bought from Samsung, then something with CISCO & something with AT&T ( can someone tell me what ar?)

BUZZ is an entry level phone. Look forward to more 4G phones that will run on Android, coming out very soon!

So far, YTL has never failed to astound, be it during their annual MIdsummer Night Festival, the launch of the Rojak Song and the opening of the National Geographic Store. I’m confident that YTL Comm will deliver on its promises!

Oh man, I’m YES-cited!!!

Yes, it's better Internet for all.

YTL YES4G : Everyone deserves to enjoy the Internet. That’s why we’ve said “no” to the old way of doing things and “yes” to a simpler and more affordable way of getting online.

What should you do now??????

Book your Yes ID and Yes 018 number now & get on the fastest 4G mobile Internet with voice today. Sign up at!!
Check out their AWESOME videos here -

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