SAMANTHA BROWN’S ASIA on TLC (Astro Channel 707)

I actually got to meet the popular Samantha Brown in the flesh last week, all thanks to Azaria (hugs to you!) & of course the joint organizer AstroLife and TLC.

Oh, I couldn’t stop grinning happily the whole time, especially with her sitting right next beside me at our table for a good 15 minutes. She was ever patient with our questions & frenzied phototaking. Haha, now she knows what it is like to be in the company of bloggers!! icon wink CHEVROLET: TRANSFORMERS 3 SCREENING

samantha brown

And yes she’s as bubbly as her TV persona, and came across as a genuinely affable person both on & off-screen.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 02

You know, just on a personal basis, I hate those perfectly sweat-free, made-up & couture attired TV hosts; perhaps not so much for talk shows, but especially so for travel & discovery shows.
I mean, be real, how does one walk around & really experience the place/country without breaking a sweat? And just standing by & yakking away without actually getting hands-on with the activities? I’m not sure if the hosts’ looks are more important to the viewers or the TV station’s ratings?

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 04

Anyhow, I think that’s why Sam’s shows hit a chord in most viewers’ hearts. Her shows were different & real. When I shared on twitter & on my FB that I was going to meet her, I was taken aback by the responses I got, so many fans!
All talking about her charisma, her jovial personality on screen & how they enjoyed THE CONTENT of her show. Nothing about how she looks (but of course, she does look mighty fine!) or the size of her *****.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 07

The dinner + greet session was held for a relatively small group of media & close associates of Astro (I think) & each of the dinner tables enjoyed the opportunity to be upclose & personal with Samantha herself that night. She autographed travel journals, took pics & shared her stories with everyone.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 08

And her new series – SAMANTHA BROWN’S ASIA premieres on July 25 – on TLC (Astro Channel 707).
ASIA!! Woohoo! Sam’s is in my region!!

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 06

Catch Samantha as she visits the following Asian countries: Vietnam, Hong Kong/Macau, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, (she went to my hometown PENANG!!!! :P ) Japan and Bali.

Vietnam (TLC – Astro Channel 707 : Monday, July 25, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 12

Hong Kong/Macau (TLC – Astro Channel 707 – Monday, August 1, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 10

 Singapore (TLC – Astro Channel 707 – Monday, August 8, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 13

Cambodia (TLC – Astro Channel 707 – Monday, August 15, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 09

Thailand (TLC – Astro Channel 707 – Monday, August 22, 10pm)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 14

Malaysia (Airs on Sunday, August 28, 10pm)!!
(*hops hops! jumps! throw confetti in the air! * She was here in Malaysia! I can’t wait to watch what she did /experienced here! :P)

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 11

Just a little teaser – she did this in Malaysia! Drinking out from a shoe! Haha! Want to know more? Well, just like me, I have to catch the show to know! :P

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 05

More information about the Samantha Brown’s Asia: Episode Malaysia:
Special telecast on Sunday, August 28 at 1900 hrs (7:00 p.m.)
Encore on Monday, August 29 at 2200 hrs (10:00 p.m.)
“”Samantha heads to Malaysia, a country whose beauty is derived from a cultural landscape comprised of extreme contrasts. In Penang, Samantha finds a medley of traditional cultures and food, and in Kuala Lumpur, towering skyscrapers and larger-than-life characters. Samantha heads to the heart of the rainforest and along the way learns some fascinating lessons about Malaysia’s rich cultural traditions.””

Darn, I wished I had the opportunity to take her around like I did with Catherine Bell in Melaka & KL! (watch my Culinary Tour videos HERE – MELAKA & HERE – KL ).
Well, some day I will! :P

Last but not least, even our dinner that night was Asia – themed, featuring dishes from the countries Sam visited in her show.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 01

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 0

Joey G was host for the night.

Samantha Brown's Asia - TLC, ASTRO - 03

Other Samantha Brown’s shows includes:
Passport to Europe with Samantha Brown, Passport to Latin America with Samantha Brown or Girl Meets Hawaii.

Yup, that girl has the most envied job in the world! 🙂

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