Salted egg yolk croissant – The Bread Shop

Another bakery has made the famed salted egg yolk croissant.


salted egg croissant - The Bread Shop

The Bread Shop had begin sales of these croissant since last Saturday (5th December 2015). As of Thursday, 10th December, it has recorded positive sales since, having sold out their stock everyday.

salted egg yolk croissant - The bread shop

How much?
RM9.35 for one. RM8.80 is the price before GST.

Well, I’m in SG so I can’t sink my molars into this personally but a friend of mine (friend no. 1) who had been a fan of the one at Le Bread Days said she preferred the Le Bread Days version.
Apparently this one is less runny and creamier custard.

After sharing it on FB, I had feedback from 2 more friends (Friend no. 2 and 3) who rushed over to get some.
Here’s their verdict:
The bulky center gives the illusion that it is stuffed with wholesome goodness but the moment you hold one in your hands, its weight, or lack off betrays its nature. Compared to Le Bread’s, this one is about half the weight despite looking bigger.
And it is evident in how much space exists between the core and the outer crust. The salted egg yolk taste comes across as being mild and superficial, you taste more of the cream rather than the egg yolk.
Lastly, you’ll notice the inner layers are heavy and clumped together. Le Bread’s layers are better defined and tastier. Here it’s just flour.


2/3 into the croissant, you’d see why it feels so light. Cavities between layers are huge and you can see how little egg yolks is used.

The Bread Shop’s Molten Salt-Egg Croissant is a poor imitation of Le Bread’s. From the texture of the croissant down to the egg yolk center, it is palatable but failed to make a lasting impression. And for those who have tasted Le Bread’s, this is no where near as good.


Well, the croissant itself looks great though, such flaky layers!
I’m looking forward to try it. Will update then.


salted egg yolk croissant The Bread Shop


So folks… how?



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