REVIEW: Armenian Street Hotel, Penang & my very first article for Malay Mail

I looked back at this article and thought about how I begin writing my very first print piece for the Lifestyle, Malay Mail.
It (this article) is certainly not up to my expectations.

I didn’t like it. I wasn’t sure how to write for a print publication. Should I be myself – the blogger with opinions? Or a “writer’ reporting about my stay and be neutral about it?
I love this hotel and I had good memories. But do you write whatever you want for print?

In the end I submitted this piece.
It was published. I cringed when I read it. LOL.
Hell, I felt proud to see my name on the byline in print, but it lacked personality, flair, good English, etc. Everything!
I didn’t even dare to share it til today; after having almost 30 articles in print.

MMAIL_20140304_0260Armenian St

As with everything I do, I improved over time. But I’m still not satisfied.
I attempted English writing lessons with a journalist I personally respect but her schedule and mine was tight (still is) and I didn’t even have time to do the homework she gave me.

Time, if only there was more. Or if only I don’t have to sleep.