Restaurant Pau Kee, IMBI

I have lost count, of the number of Sundays I have planned for a chilled, laid back scrumptious brekkie. The image is forever etched in my mind…me, in comfy shorts, legs stretched out, the sun in my face, the morning breeze caressing my hair…
Me, lazing back, watching people strolling by, enjoying their Sundays off too. .

Somehow it was not to be.

I have given up on Saturdays, since most Sats I only finish work way beyond lunch time.

Sundays is my only day off.

Why??? Would you call it Fate? Murphy’s Law?

As if it wasn’t enough to be “prisoned” in the car for nearly 12 hours on the road yesterday (due to that horrendous jam), I got 2 appointments on a Sunday morning that I couldn’t possible cancel. Locking Unka out of his own room nice & early in the morning didn’t exactly chart the course for a Sunday I have in mind.

A silent 20 mins ride home and rushing off for 2 appointments on an empty stomach set off the day to a damn wrong start.

The cheerful bliping of the ATM screen of the only damn RHB branch in town announcing “Temporarily Out of Service” didn’t help. Nope, not at all.

Stomach growling, I swung my car onto the road, mindlessly driving around, “FOOD..feed me please”…

Suddenly found myself on Imbi Road…”Hmm..have I not just read something recently..about a darn good Ipoh hor fun? ”

Taking my chance, I took a turn into Jalan Barat, vaguely remembering the map she posted, telling myself that if I can’t find the place, then the much hyped corner shop “Win something ” will do just egg tarts and char kuey teow sounds good too.

As luck would have it, it was darn easy to spot. Right smack in the middle of the shoplots on the FAR left of the road. The picture on Tummythoz’s post certainly helped. Thanks dear!

“Morning’s looking up..” I consoled myself. Nothing like a full tummy to make things better, especially if the hor fun is as good as Tummythoz’s verdict.

Full house at 1pm, with most tables occupied with patrons but EMPTY (table-top wise) should have warned me from the start that it wasn’t an ideal place to be when you are absolutely FAMISHED.

I shared a table with a friendly uncle, who speaks Hokkien fluently & helped me to place my order. His verdict “The food is good but the service is darn slow. Only one person manning the cooking. And he prepares bowl by bowl”.
Ah well.. 15 mins later I hopped over to the next door’s mamak and got myself a packet of Nasi Lemak Ayam.
At RM1.50, the wonderfully fragrant rice with onions and ginger silenced the tummy for all of 5mins.

Uncle then grumbled to the Aunty that he had been kept waiting for 23mins, and have yet to even smell his order. He was rewarded with a dismissive wave of the hand & “Oh.. that’s ok liow lohh.. my customers mostly waits for 30 mins minimum“.

At that point of time, I swore to myself not to ever return.

When he was finally served, his Curry Mee, at RM4.20 was bland, the soup rather thin but the chicken & prawns were fresh; he reported to me, having spent the last half an hour interviewing me about food blogging and food.

My wan tan mee with chicken and veg finally came after the initial one was sent back cos they got my order wrong. It would have helped if he had replaced it immediately, but I saw the uncle preparing a good 3 bowls for other patrons that came after me, and then only prepared mine again.

Again, I vowed never to return.

But give credit where’s its due, the noodles were springy with a firm bite, the choy sum crunchy and fresh and the chicken, oh my….sooooo tender and smooth, it was absolutely satisfying! Even better, I got the thigh part, and I have always leaned towards darker meat mainly for its texture, especially if it’s steamed or boiled chicken.

The soup was very tasty too, but I do suspect it is MSG-ed, for I was thirsty for quite a long while after, but then it could be that I was dehydrated.

While paying, I had to opportunity to see the noodles being prepared.
Apparently, the sauce is pre-mixed & kept in a pot. A ladleful of that soy sauce is rained over the noodles after a scatter of fried shallots. Fresh spring onions and chives shared a spot besides the coils of toothsome noodles. I totally heart the combination of the slight bitterness that comes with the smoky charred fried shallots with my noodles.

So, to return or not to return? Ah well… if I’m in the area..and I’m not in a hurry.. I guess..
why not?

PS: Their menu is mainly Ipoh Kway Teow, Fresh Prawn Wantan, Curry Chicken Kway Teow, Fresh Prawn Meat Dumplings (Siu Kow) and Curry Chicken Mee. Both soupy and dry versions are available.

Address: 10, Jalan Utara, Off Jalan Imbi. It is opposite the famous corner shop. Win..err..something ..
016 375 1360 – Mr & Mrs Chong

PPS: The owner asked if I know ugwug, for her post on them is laminated and displayed at their stall. He then asked me to tell ugwug to come to his stall, for he would like to thank her & give her a treat for the “advertisement”! So ugwug, do visit them when ya’ back ok! LOL.

Now…with the Sunday half gone.. is the next half going to be any better?? sigh.