Restaurant New Formosa, SS2 – Get your Monk Over The Wall for only RM36!

My last visit to New Formosa (read about it HERE –  the suckling pig, the soup, the duck  & the crab steamed rice are my top picks) set the bar sky high & I was looking forward to staple more of their menu.

Then again, more often than not, the key to a good meal is the company 😉


The monk jumped over the wall and forgot all his divinely beliefs because of this. Heck, if I were a nun (not that it will ever happen) I’ll gladly donate my habit to my fellow sisters, wish them the very best & scale any obstructing wall myself

At RM36 for a personal serving, with gourmet ingredients like shark’s fin, dried baby scallop, sea cucumber & fish maw, even the Penangnite in me couldn’t find any fault in this wondrous broth.

New Formosa1

I love this too. Stuffed chicken, it’s  juicy tender meat coupled with CARBO-LICIOUS rice that has absorbed all the essence of the chicken and its ingredients that it has been cooked with.

A 2-in-1 (chicken + rice) creation and for only RM55, this, in my humble opinion, is a far better option than the monotonous Glutinous Rice dish commonly present at any Chinese 8 courses dinners.

New Formosa2

I find this intriguing dish of traditional Hunan ham with Honey gingko nuts & lotus seeds (RM45) worthy of recommendation as well.

A painstaking preparation process of repetitive steaming is first done to get rid of the excess salt in the ham before it reached the desired level of salinity to be served.  It was still salty for me but was manageable when eaten paired with some honey-ed gingkos layered with the deep fried mantou (silver threads bread).

New Formosa

Top Left : Sesame Chicken & New Formosa’s Signature Butter Eel, which is a dish not to be missed if you are dining here.

Top Right: Dried Oysters & Yam Tart (RM48). The oysters were the dried chinese ones, and probably is more suited to the “older generation” folks than people my age. I like duck meat & I like yam, so the ingenious Yam tarts won points from me.

Butter eel, Yam layered Duck

Of course Yee Sang is on the menu. And here, it is very reasonable priced at RM23 for the salmon version. Our fibres dish was a combination of 2 varieties vegetables stir fried with pamelo sacs & sliced almonds which was a refreshing twist from the garlic stir- fry variety but Formosa’s Steamed Giant Garoupa (RM58) with black fermented soy beans, minced ginger and garlic was a little strong on the palate for me. Anyhow, I prefer my fish in subtle flavours, especially when it is steamed.

Lastly were the BBQ prawns with garlic paste & the signature Butter Prawns (RM43) which was prepared alike their Signature Butter Eel, fried with butter & curry leaves.

Prawns. Fish, Yee Sang

As usual I enjoyed the desserts here. All their puddings are made in house minus any form of preservatives & is not overly sweet. We had the caramelised yam too ( read & see the pictures of the fascinating way it was served  HERE ).

New Formosa Or Nee & pudding

New Formosa Restaurant will be open throughout the Chinese New Year including New Years Eve. Do call for reservations as this is a very popular restaurant, cemented of it’s reputation for serving good food  for the past 3 decades.

New Formosa Restaurant
46, Jalan SS2/24,
47300 PJ.
Tel: 603-7875 1894 or 603-79757478

Business hours: Everyday: 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 10:30pm.

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