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I’m going through a particular difficult phase of my life now. A phase where I’m demotivated and had suffered from loss of strength and focus from many months of overexertion due to business.
I’m going to keep myself going by posting “motivational” fitness shots of myself, a diary of sorts, as a reminder to myself that I can, and I will be fit and healthy again.


Run Becky, RUN!

AIA run

HIIT – all you need is a laptop, WIFI and Youtube.

aia hiit-001

IMPORTANT: Keep track of your progress.

aia fitbit

I love yoga too.


Quick cardio?
A skipping rope will do!

neubodi malaysia - active wear - review-002

Nature is good for the soul.

REVIEW Neubodi activewear

Arch for back strength.


Sometimes, I like to imagine that I’m kicking the hell out of an asshole. 😛

1 gym - Rebecca saw

More runs!

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