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Wow. Just wow.

the honest treat - raw cakes in KL

A health conscious and particularly fitness obsessed person, I’ve made my fair share of gluten-free, vegan, low carb, low fat, RAW and low sugar/no sugar treats.
And now I realized I do not need to do so anymore with the availability of RAW cakes from The Honest Treat.

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These handmade and handcrafted raw cakes are delicious.

The top layers are made from a variety of fruits or nuts or chocolate.
All 7 variations of them are 100% raw (meaning non-cooked/baked), dairy-free, egg-free, refined sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan.
Sugar levels are kept as low much as possible and if sweeteners are necessary, the ones used are the low GI variants such as coconut sugar (gula melaka) and stevia.

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A few cakes uses raw cane sugar or agave nectar. If you are particular about your sugar intake, then do surf over to their website www.thehonesttreat.com to find out more about the ingredients used prior to your visit/orders.

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A lot of us might wonder; since these cakes are RAW and vegan and dairy-free, what makes the creamy layers you ask?

Well, it’s cashew!
The base is blended cashew until a smooth, fine paste is formed before the fruits/chocolate/ ingredients are added.

Have you heard of cashew cheese?
Yes, it can be used to imitate the texture and taste of cheese but that’s a story for another day.

What I’ll like to focus on here is how the mild flavours of cashews are able to combine well with other flavours.
The 7 cakes I tasted were as below and all of them had discernible flavours of which they were named.
1. Banoffee
2. Raspberry Dream
3. Orange Chocolate
4. Minty Chocolate
5. Berry Banana
6. Tropical Surprise
7.Raspberry Chocolate

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I truly enjoyed these cakes.
Since I had 7 in my possession, I tried 2 forkfuls of each on the first day.

On consecutive days I thawed them one by one and enjoyed each as a treat after a good workout. These cakes did not leave me feeling bloated and it digested easily.

The sweetness levels kept my sugar cravings satisfied. The top layers impart a creamy mouthfeel which tricks your mind that you are savouring something decadent, yet in truth so much more healthier than the usual cheese/cream-based/sponge cakes.

If you are wondering about the dark, crumbly base; these are dates, mix of nuts such as hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts blended together with raw cacao powder plus a pinch of Himalayan salt.
Pressed to compact it into dense squares, these made up the base of each cake. The blend is kept to the chunky side for better texture since the top layers are usually smooth.

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Are you interested now to try these?

Well, raw cakes are not as common in Malaysia as there are in some other countries so I’m sure you are very curious!

Yes, I would encourage you to give them a try. As you can see from my attached video, it is not a big slice but due to the ingredients used, it is costly and time consuming to make so the price is justifiable somewhat.

You can order them online and share with 2-3 friends or to dine-in, head over to La Juiceria 1 Utama, La Juiceria Sri Hartamas, Goodness Greens cafe TTDI.
Check out my previous post on Goodness Greens Cafe TTDI –> HERE.

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RM109.90 for a whole cake.
RM74.50 for 6 slices.
RM89.40 for 7 slices
RM104.30 for 8 slices

Flat rate delivery is RM15.90 for Klang Valley.

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For more details head on to their website www.thehonesttreat.com or give their friendly nutritionist a call at their hotline ☎️ 018-3681288 .
Last but not least, keep yourself updated for their RAWsome promos on www.facebook.com/thehonesttreat !