Quest Bar Review: Day 3 – Banana Nut Muffin flavour

After the Boundless Nutrition Perfect Cookie (Chocolate Chip) and the Quest Bar (Apple Pie flavour), I moved on to the Banana Nut Muffin Quest Bar.

One of the reasons why I chose the Banana Nut one out from my loot of a dozen bars is because I love bananas and I had hope that this will change my mind about Quest Bars since the Apple Pie one wasn’t really to my liking.

Quest Bar review - banana nut muffin

Name: Quest Bar –  Banana Nut Muffin flavour
Price: SGD3.50
Taste & texture:

Since it is my 2nd Quest Bar I had hoped fervently that I’ll like or it will at least taste better than the Apple Pie one. I’m understandably worried you see, cos I have a dozen of them in my kitchen!
Thankfully I liked this better. It is true that one can’t go wrong with bananas.
Being a member of the All Natural line, the texture of this bar was softer and moister than the original line.
And it smells dead-on like banana bread; complete with soft banana bits and nuts, albeit a tad artificial.
Well, it could be just me nitpicking.

Last but not least, I really hate how the bars get all misshapen after a while. It’s like they “melted” into indescribable shapes!

Quest Bar review - banana nut muffin-002

Ingredients & nutrition numbers:

Each bar comes with a whopping 20g of protein and clocking in at only between 160-200 calories (which is a healthy range).
It is also crazily low net carbs (5g of true carbs) since it is 25g – 17 g of dietary fibre (carbs)

Quest Bar review - banana nut muffin-001


Hmmm.. so what flavour should I try next? 🙂


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