Pneumonia is no fun

or any sickness for that matter.

but pneumonia had rendered me bedridden for the last one week
and all I remembered was being shrouded in a haze of pain
there was pain everywhere
a deep throbbing one in my head that was killing me!!!
a sharp uncomfortable twinge in all my joints
cramps in my tummy as well
my back aches like crazy..

I drifted in and out of my semi-comatose state of sleep and consciousness
and wondered how the heck could one possibly be diagnosed with Pneumonia in hot humid Malaysia???
Am I the unlucky one as usual??

for the last few days I thought I could never be well again
after all I did pop those damn antibiotics and medication diligently and for days it did nothing to improve my condition…
I was worried too…what if it was something else??
Then I have to go see the doctor again! Take more stupid tests!! Spend more $$$!!

Calling back to Daddy was so tempting,
But with disastrous consequences I know,
Hang in there, I told myself..
Give it ONE more day…

Finally today I was able to sit up
and walk further than 100 metres
finally able to crave for nasi lemak and burgers
and I’m so freaking thankful that I am on the path to recovery!!

So, though I’m still coughing my lungs out
at least I’m conscious and sitting up
going through all the blog posts I missed!
Now, to start job-hunting!

also… anyone out there with advice (other than rest more).. on how to deal with pneumonia is greatly appreciated!!

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