Plan B – Bangsar Village I – the menu, the food, the DESSERTS!

UPDATED Post here: A few more visits – Eggs Benjamin, Nasi Lemak, Pasta & Lamb meatballs! πŸ˜‰

Say helloooooo to Plan B!

Under the same management as Canoodling in BV II, ( I was informed by Aja, the Brand Comm Mgr that Canoodling has recently gone through a change of menu as well) Plan B looks set to be another iconic F & B outlet in Bangsar.

For a start, it certainly has all the makings of a successful one. Plan B offers a straightforward menu with firm favourites such as American breakfast sets, varieties of pasta, healthy salads & now, who wouldn’t fall in love with such desserts on display?

Left: Choc Banana Charlotte – RM11. Middle from back: Almond Toffee Bar – RM4. Caramel Bar – RM5. Rocky Road – RM4. Right: Mixed Berry TartΒ  -RM5.

plan b bangsar village i (16)

Left: The Macadamia Caramel Cheese Cake – RM13 looks positively wicked. Right: Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese frosting RM9.
plan b bangsar village i (20)

Lemon Tart – RM10.

plan b bangsar village i (19)

Left: The Strawberry Cheesecake is a temptress with bright strawberries toppingsΒ  & strawberry sauce skirting its sides – RM5. Right: Looking wickedly as decadent as its name is the Choc Truffle Torte – RM12.

plan b bangsar village i (18)

plan b bangsar village i (21)

The waitress recommended the Raspberry & Lemon Cake with Meringue – RM9, but since I generally shy away from anything sour or desserts with meringue; I skipped this.

plan b bangsar village i (28)

Choc Raspberry Cake -RM11. Another saliva – inducing item. Thick chocolate sauce, moist chocolate cake..and I’m guessing that the raspberry sauce is encased within…

plan b bangsar village i (26)

These are some pretty colourful fondant cakes – RM9.

plan b bangsar village i (27)

Macadamia brownies – RM11; these looked very dense & rich …

plan b bangsar village i (25)

….and so does the chocolate and cookie bar -RM5. Dieters, do not step into Plan B. Else you would have to resort to YOUR Plan B – screw the diet! LOL.

plan b bangsar village I (35)

Tomato & Zuchini muffins – RM10. This is certainly something new! I packed one for take-away.

plan b bangsar village i (22)

It was big & heavy…

plan b bangsar village I (38)

…and absolutely delicious!!! If you love sun dried tomatoes, you’ll love this! And no worries, the muffin doesn’t taste have any raw-ish vegetables at all.

plan b bangsar village I (34)

An island at the side of the restaurant proudly displays the daily freshly baked croissants and danish pastries.

plan b bangsar village i (31)

Check out the puffy chocolate, almond & plain croissants. All reasonably priced from RM5-6 each. :good:

plan b bangsar village 1 (1)

I love anything bananas & this chunky loaf caught my eye.

plan b bangsar village i (15)

A thick cut from this wholesome Banana loaf is only RM9++. Looks can be deceiving yes; but I’m still willing to bet that this is good, based on the looks of it alone. Oh dear.. there are just too many desserts & I want to try them all!

plan b bangsar village 1 (2)

The orange flourless cake – RM9/slice is another cake that I’ve prioritised for my next visit. Thick cuts of oranges lined on the surface & the sunny orange shade makes me feel happy already! At the back of the Orange cake is the Red Velvet – RM9. A quick check revealed that the red shade is from colouring & not beetroot. Ah well…

plan b bangsar village i (14)

I still bought one home anyways. The Red Velvet by Plan B was tweaked slightly by having layers of rich chocolate in between the buttermilk sponge. While the cake sponge were rather plain when I ate it on its own (I wanted to taste the cake as it is cos it’s obvious that the thick layers of chocolate would overpower the buttermilk sponge, the very essense of a Red Velvet cake), it’s decent if you eat the cake as a whole, with chocolate layer, cream cheese frosting and all. However, I won’t order this again.

plan b bangsar village I (36)

Left: Carrot Cake. Right: Lamingtons – RM9.

plan b bangsar village i (17)

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Flourless + Fudge. I can just imagine how divinely chocolatey this is!

plan b bangsar village i (13)

Scones. Simple and satisfying if done right. Can these be better than the ones at The Haute Food Co in Plaza Damas? Only one way to find out.. oh my, as you can see, a re-visit with a bunch of sugar-lovers is in order!

plan b bangsar village i (24)

The interior of Plan B excludes a cafe-like atmosfera. Patrons includes white-collars workers, families, expats and students.Β  Well, this is Bangsar after all. Over my lunch, Plan B was buzzing with business & seems to be off to a good start. :yahoo:

plan b bangsar village i (30)

So what does Plan B offers, both food & drinks wise?

Breakfast & Brunch. Till 6pm.
I’ve found my weekend brekkie joint! Yes! πŸ˜‰
Just look at the eggs options alone – Eggs Benjamin, Eggs Benedict, poached eggs, Eggs Royale… Ooohhh

plan b bangsar village i (4)

There are add-on sides as well, if you wish. Avocado & Feta Mash sounds positively yummy no?

plan b bangsar village i (5)

Soups and Pies. My choice would be the Wagyu Beef Pie or Morrocan Lamb Pie.

plan b bangsar village i (6)

Burgers and Sandwiches – MY FAVOURITE!!Β  πŸ˜‰
I’m eyeing the house-made corn beef (for real?? Not canned ones??), Ox tongue, rare roast beef and duck confit sandwich.

plan b bangsar village i (7)

Salads for the health-conscious.

plan b bangsar village i (8)

I couldn’t resist ordering a salad & my choice was The Chopped Chic Salad, RM18++Pungent blue cheese, crunchy romaine leaves, sweet PEARS, crispy turkey bacon, tomatoes, onions & cucumbers.
With such interesting mix of flavours due to the different ingredients thrown together, this hearty salad was delicious; as each element of the salad paired very well with one another.

plan b bangsar village i (1)

Some savouries displayed at the counters.

plan b bangsar village i (12)

For tea-time, other than the repertoire of desserts on display, Plan B has a “small bites” section & from 6pm onwards, the dinner menu (with rotating specials daily) tantalizes with the likes of Duck Confit, Spiced Lamb Rump and Slow cooked Wagyu Cheeks.

plan b bangsar village i (11)

For lunch, both the Asian dishes & Pasta menu offers a pretty decent selection. It took me 20mins to decide my order, and that was just for the salad. LOL.

plan b bangsar village i (10)

plan b bangsar village i (9)

Drinks Menu.

plan b bangsar village i (2)

Plain water is provided for FREE in these bottles and the Butterscotch Milkshake, RM8++ is a steal; a superbly thick, sweet & rich concoction.

plan b bangsar village i (3)

Coffee & Tea, at only RM5 – RM7++.

plan b bangsar village-1

There is WINE & beers for the alcoholics πŸ˜‰

plan b bangsar village

I bumped to an old friend Jasmin & she kindly shared her Caramel Bar – RM5++ with me. The Caramel Bar was pure decadence; a thick layer of chocolate on top followed by gooey caramel coated nuts and ending with a hard chocolate base.

plan b bangsar village i (33)

Plan B is bought to you by BIG, a F & B group that is also the owner of For Goodness Sake & Canoodling in BV II, with Plan B being their newest baby. Another venture, T Forty Two (opening in Dec) will be taking over The Banquet in BV II. Plan B has a simple aim; which is to offer good, homely unpretentious food that is affordable with emphasis on quality ingredients in all their dishes.

Well, sounds like a delicious concept to me. I must say I’m really excited for the BIG group, and I really hope they keep it up!

plan b bangsar village i (32)

Updated 6th Dec 2010. Another review here – Eggs Benjamin, Nasi Lemak, Pasta & Lamb meatballs!
From the time of this post til today (7th Dec), there have been varying degrees of feedback from other foodies & friends. However, the general conclusion is; service is bad & their western repertoire fares better than their Asians.

Plan B,
Ground Floor, Bangsar Village I,
59000 Bangsar, KL.