PETRONAS – “Fuelled by Fans, Powered by PRIMAX”

Guess what guys! I just fuelled my car with Petronas Primax yesterday and I saw this contest going on.

Petronas Contest - Fuelled By Fans, Powered By PRIMAX-003

I thought I’ll give it a shot.
Hey, it sounds fun. 🙂

This is how it works:
1. 5 celebrity+fan teams. 5 intense days to reach the finish line.
2. Each team is given a car, a preloaded Mesra Card, and smartphone with data plan. They have to use these with their own smartphones and the aid of fans and Twitter followers to win the race.
3. It’s not about who finishes first – it’s about who can go the farthest!

Remember that I (me and my teammate of course) won the Hong Kong es-capers Scavenger Hunt by Accor Hotels?
This is similar to that! And I’m sure I have enough followers and influence on social media to add value to the team. Coupled with the strength of being in the same team as one of the celebs above who has his/her own social networks, I can feel my adrenaline pumping already!
Besides, who knows who are the other 4 fans might be? Anyone here wants to join me for this? 😀


Well I got my entry form ready. Wish me luck! 😀

Here’s the information you may need if you’re brave enough.
WHO: Celebrities: Silver screen queen Maya Karin, action movie man Shahiezy Sam, DJ Yoon, HK heartthrob Him Law, and Taiwan sensation Bii.
WHEN is the dateline: Contest starts 14 October 2013. Cut-off date for participation is 24 November 2013.
HOW to take part: Just spend RM30 at any PETRONAS station or purchase a Mesra combo for a chance to win!

Log on to and see the stars vying for your attention, each with their own strengths and game-changing skills. They’ll tell you why you should pick them or be a supporter during the race; you decide your favourite.
You can also download the entry form from and drop it off at any PETRONAS station.

There will also be 215 bi-weekly prizes to give away which includes cash prizes, PETRONAS vouchers, Mesra points and gift cards.

Petronas Contest - Fuelled By Fans, Powered By PRIMAX

Petronas Contest - Fuelled By Fans, Powered By PRIMAX-002

Curious about #LIKE2SAVEFOR?
This contest is by PETRONAS and it’s called “Fuelled by Fans, Powered by PRIMAX”. PRIMAX is specially designed to use fuel efficiently by producing a finer fuel spray, giving you smoother acceleration and a more economical drive. Now you can enjoy savings at every turn with a fuel that truly gives you more.
So, what do you #Like2SaveFor? Get it now? 🙂

Join the conversation at or @PetronasBrands on Twitter.

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