Pattiserie RUI – the Princess Torte

It’s so great that Streamyx is working fine despite the rain, cos I can’t wait to post this up!

Yup, we had our cakes on banana leaf, cos Nirwana Maju’s staff said they ain’t got plates 😉

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With fellow dessert-aholic; Bangsar-babe!


I bought all the cakes that were available on display since I’m not very good with choices, especially if its desserts!


But out of all that I’ve got, The Princess Torte, RM16 was our favourite that night.

Princess Torte

Alternating layers of heavenly, rich, milky cream with moist, luxuriant butter sponge, named as vanilla genoise , of which Sue (of the ‘Delectable By Su’ fame) who happened to pop in Nirwana’s as well for supper; explained it was basically sponge cake laaa.. (sheeshh… to quote Bangsar-babe: “potong steam betul!”).
Here was moi all excited and getting my tongue twisted trying to pronounce “genoise “, thinking it was some exotic concoction of cake when it is actually the light sponge aka Swiss rolls.

But all 3 of us licked our leaves (banana leaf ok) clean, for the sponge cake was extremely well done. Soft, moist and ethereally light .
The milky vanilla cream with sweet & very slightly sour raspberry puree all made up for a delightful combination of a cake.
The cream sheathing the sponge was as light as Crystal, the baker/owner had claimed. Frothy even. Very FRESH.
However, according to the cake expert, Su, it was non dairy cream.
Well, I wouldn’t know, since I’m a gourmand, not a baker ;), but thanks to Su, both me and bangsar-babe got some valuable lessons on Red Velvets, cakes, creams and baking.

Anyhow, The Princess Cake, though simple, hits all the right notes as a comfort food. Great for days when you are feeling the blues, I reckon 😉

Patisserie RUI is not new.
A quaint little bakery located at Mont’ Kiara Meridin Promenade, Crystal Chan, the owner/baker is a sweet, friendly young chef, trained more in culinary cooking than baking.
Her previous stints includes working as a chef in a hotel in Switzerland, Thailand and KL Hilton before her latest project, the Patisserie RUI.
Though still relatively unknown, her shop is not that hard to find.
Look out for this, the Dominoes on the curve road leading from Mt Kiara to Solaris, and on its right, is the newly opened Swiss Bakery, Hiestand.

RUI cafe
Just opened in August 2009, I remembered reading about it on CK Lam’s blog and made a mental note to visit. Well, guess I was 3 months late ;p

RUI contact

Their cakes selection is not exhaustive at any one time, hence it is advisable to call ahead and ask what she’s got for the day. The normal selections would be her Velvets. If you are lucky, you might get her B52, a most interesting alcoholic concoction but really, you just got to try your luck.

I didn’t managed to try her famed Claypot Fruitcake, but I did managed to snap some shots of the claypots. LOL. Her recommended white chocolate cheesecake was missing too.

The outlet, which is really cute-sized, has some tables in front for alfresco dining and you can order coffee to go with your cakes. Perfect for a peaceful afternoon tête-à-tête with the girlfriends.
And within that small enclosure of her shop, is this compact kitchen where she bakes, decorate & packs her bread, cookies and cakes!
claypot fruitcake


the velvets