Pork Overdose at Betty’s Midwest Kitchen, Aman Suria

Elaine left a comment on my previous post on Betty’s. (Post HERE still under my old blog)

Had a bad dining experience there.
Went there last night with 3 friends to have a try on the food since everyone gave them thumbs up. When I reached there around 6.30pm, only 1 table was occupied. Guess I was early for dinner. I was impressed by the shop deco and the menu they offer. While waiting for the food, more people came and finally every table was filled up.

While we are trying to push all the food inside our terribly full tummy, the daughter kept asking us “Any further order?” She asked that every 5 minutes. So annoying! She even cleared the empty plate without asking. Then it started to run heavily outside. My friend ordered a basket of fries, cheese rounds and 4 bottles of Budweiser while waiting for rain to stop. The girl kept staring at us as the signal to leave the table as there are people waiting to be seated. We ignored as we believe customers always have the right and we still haven’t finish our food. Finally the girl came over our table and asked, “can I clear your table?” and we are shocked as we still have half basket of fries and we haven’t finish our beer. Can you imagine that? She was trying to shoo us away. We was so angry! How can she do that to customer? So we just pay the bill and swear will never go back there again. Never ever! Disappointed with her PR skill.

I have been to Betty’s many many times.. and this place IS very popular. It is unfortunate that the above incident happened, and while I can’t say much for the service, the food there is GOOD. Some dishes even awesome, with reasonable prices to boot.

We always start with their freshly squeezed Lemonade. Tangy, refreshing and cooling, it’s a good prelude to the onslaught of porcine infused dishes to come.


On one of my many visits, my friend ordered the Crunch Topped Homemade Macaroni And Cheese ( RM12). One can argue that this is do-able at home, but seriously? I would gladly just pay RM12. A seriously comfort food dish, yet done with the right amount of cream, cheese and baked just right. Bad news for weight-watchers! This is Carbo-licious!!  😉


Betty’s House Salad, (RM8 – ) with chopped fresh iceberg lettuce, sliced red tomatoes and cubed apple drenched with their house creamy, tangy yet unusual dressing was a welcome relief from the usual Vinaigrette based dressings that I had to endure in my salads. We suspected it was an emulsion of sorts, but since my friend who cooks very well couldn’t place the exact ingredients that went into the dressing, I gave up hoping I could replicate this at home.

Betty's House Salad

Betty’s runs some House Specials every 2 weeks or so, and the time we were there, they had this Barley Mushroom soup. I think it was RM11 or somewhere there. Anyhow, the soup was what a soup should be, heart warming, simple and easy on the stomach.

betty's 4th

Their signature Apple Crumble, (RM8) tasted like no other apple crumble out there. It wasn’t all crust like most commercial ones & the apple were gently stewed in it’s own juices resulting in a touch of natural sweetness that was pleasant on the palate. Not my favourite in town, but a version that would please most diners.

apple crumble

When a group of Penang food bloggers hit KL, I bought them to Betty’s immediately. It does not make sense anyhow to bring Penangites to hawkers stalls here! Furthermore, there isn’t any American Mex cuisine in Pg & the prices here are agreeable even to Penangites who are known for their motto: Cheap & Good food please! 😉

At Betty’s, their signature Meatloaf never failed to please. Moist, loosely held together & soft, it was a faultless porky dish.


Pan Fried Pork Chop w Orange Cream, RM20.00.
Slow pan fried juicy pork chops served with creamy zesty orange sauce.
I am and will always be wary of pork chops, especially when the parts used are the lean ones. It is so easy to overcook it & then you’ll be presented with a tough & chewy slab of meat. Thankfully the pork chops served were cooked to the right degree. I can’t really make out the citrus flavour in the supposedly orange sauce, but after a few conscious tries, I realized it does leave a sweet bitter orange aftertaste lingering in your mouth.

pork chop in orange sauce

Grilled Beer Braised Boston Butt s/w Mash, Peas & Carrot – (RMRm25.50). Quite a mouthful of a fancy name, but tastewise was just so-so.

grilled boston butt

Grilled baby back ribs (350g) RM28.50.
There were 2 large slabs of ribs, (definitely worth the $!) and it was well infused with the marinate. Texture-wise; it was fork-tender and succulent. Not much chewing required! 😉 The sauce had reminiscence of BBQ based and was sweetish and thick. I actually prefered the Beer sauce that was served in the little paper cup.

grilled baby back ribs

If there’s anything you got to try at Betty’s, it’s this – The Wild Hog (RM31.50). A combination of Ham Steak, Bacon, Sausage & Sides. *BURPS*.

Enough said.

wild hog Bettys - Wild hog - feb2010

The Pork Ribs. RM24. I can’t really remember which style this was. But the tasty sauce and a good cut of both lean and fat got the thumbs up from both me & my fussy friend.


Their version of Bread & Butter Pudding, (RM8) may be an acquired taste by some. It is certainly not your run of the mill baked version, and it didn’t taste like one either. For starters, it is not too sweet & it doesn’t come with a thick custard layer. And the bread slices weren’t cut and layered in thick slices either. As you can see below, it is flat. I myself haven’t quite decided if it would be a favourite of mine 😉  Maybe another visit would help me make up my mind?? 😉

bread n butter pudding

You want more of Betty’s?
I got some links to share:

The Juicy Lucy : I love the size but I did find it a bit salty (most of my friends were fine with it though).
The Breakfast : Unfortunately this was discontinued. The family decided to just focus on lunch and dinner instead. Yup, business is that good!
The meatloaf & the Pulled Pork BUrger, & the Budweiser here is one of the cheapest in town!

MAP: It is the same row as KAYU Nasi Kandar. A few shops away from 7-11.

GPS Coordinates: N 3 07.314 E 101 35.703


Location: A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43,
Aman Suria, Damansara,
Petaling Jaya.

Operating hours:
(Closed Mondays)
Tues-Fri: 11am-10pm;
Sat & Sun: 10am-10pm