O’Briens – we deliver!

[A break from all my burgers post. More to come I assure you! 😉 ]

i LOVE bread, I really do.

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So imagine my delight when I found out that O’Briens’ Delivery Service has expanded their radius of delivery from previously being confined to certain offices density areas; to now covering housing estates as well.

I was at their official launch just last week& was seated at a table reserved for “Media” (chest puffing up with self importance air..LOL!! Just joking) ………..

o briens

………..and I walked away with a goodie bag that came with FREEBIES like these..


Eager to use the coupon, (yea, I’m a cheapo 😉 I called them at the 1st opportunity I had this week, and my call was attended to shortly after a few rings.
A very pleasant voice then took down my particulars (exactly like how a ” client account” is set up with McD 😉 ) & proceed to take my order.
I was advised that my order will arrive in approximately 30-45mins and a delivery charge of RM5 applies, but no minimum order is required.

So I sat back, happily blog- hopping, freeloading off my friend’s Streamyx speedy bandwidth (I quickly got all my pics uploaded to flickr!!) and waited for my Triple Deck Chicken and Smoked Salmon Cheese sandwich.

45 minutes later, I got a call on my mobile. The delivery guy was having trouble locating our office. Well, at least he called, I thought.
I gave him directions and went back to work.

It was another 30 minutes later before I had my lunch in front of me.


Cold Sandwich – CHICKEN TRIPLEDECKER with Chicken Crisp, Coleslaw, Lettuce & Red Onion. RM14.10

Triple Chic Swich

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese on Wholemeal with mixed leaves, red onion, Cucumber & Squeeze of Lemon. RM14.10


The people at O’Briens were not fibbing when they claim they use the freshest and selected quality ingredients for their sandwich.
Both sandwiches were lovely. From the crunchy salad leaves to the light dressing and the soft grainy goodness of the wholemeal bread, it was indeed a guilt free and hearty lunch!

I personal opine that this is a healthier alternative compared to any of the other delivery fast- food joints, ie McDonalds, Pizza Hut & Dominoes.

The total bill came up to RM19.10, Rm14.10 for two sandwiches & RM5.00 delivery charge.
Even without the free coupon, RM14.10 for the sandwich is still a pretty good deal considering the fillings I chose. Nutritionally wise, it sure beats the greasy, processed burgers & pizzas.

Service over the phone was prompt and the “Service Assurance Executive” was most polite and efficient. The only grouse I had was the long wait I endured for my lunch to arrive.

Anyhow, I’m sure it is still the teething period for them now. And Aman Suria is probably not the easiest place to locate.


clockwise from top left…
Mr Brian Pua
Master Franchise of O’Briens M’sia

Mr Hugh Hoyes-Cock
CEO, O’Briens Irish Sandwich Cafe, M’sia

Mr. Eoin Duggan
First Secretary of the Irish Embassy


Yummy hearty sandwiches for the attendees…….

o briens (1)
o briens (2)
o briens (3)
O Briens Delivery Service
1300 – 30 -3000
9am to 9pm.
download the menu from www.obriensonline.com.

So the next time you are feeling peckish & yet too lazy to step out, you know there is another option for delivery other than the usual suspects!