New AirAsia Breakfast Combo: Pak Nasser nasi lemak, Scallop Congee, Pancakes & Roti Canai

I will be flying Air Asia to Singapore again this weekend and as I was booking my tickets, I saw these options for my morning flight.

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-002

Ok I have had the nasi lemak so many times it didn’t really me jump up from my chair. But the scallop congee and pancakes are new to me!

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-010

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-011

Pancakes on a flight. With butter and REAL maple syrup. Oh my… 😀

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-013

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-014

All these breakfast combos are available for flights from 5.30am – 11am. Looks like morning flights are not necessarily a bad thing huh?
And no more buying McDs at LCCT!

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-004

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-005

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-007

Breakfast Combo - Product Deck-page-008

Only the Pak Nasser nasi lemak is RM12. The rest is RM10. Served fresh and hot and with air steward/stewardess clearing your empty containers for you (yes, that’s service minus the service charge!) after you’re done is not a bad deal for RM10 I reckon!
I spent just as much smuggling my McDs on board. And it wouldn’t be hot and fresh as these pancakes and scallop congee I’m going to order! 🙂

So what’s your Air Asia Breakfast Combo choice? 😀

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