Nasi Lemak – Warung SinarNor, Chan Sow Lin

On days when I’m early to work, with time to spare, (which is very rare).. I would drive around my office area.. and hunt for food.

One morning I felt like roti canai, and parked myself in one of these make-shift stalls at the side of Jalan Dua, Chan Sow Lin & ordered myself a roti telur.
It was one of the best I have tasted, with thick dhall & rich fragrant chicken curry! Impressed, I started taking a bit more interest in my surroundings, and spied a nasi lemak “warung” just opposite.
I strolled over, checked out the dishes, which looked really promising, & vowed to return one day.

Then onwards, I was never early to work, let alone with time to spare to eat. Hence the stall remained a distant memory.

Many weeks later, bangsar-babe, rif, Unka & I chatted over breakfast, and naturally the topic of food came up, and she shared of good eats in the Cheras area, and upon knowing the area I worked, immediately gushed about this “wonderful” nasi lemak, & with her description, I realized it is the very same stall that I wanted to try “one day..” but hadn’t.

Opportunity presents itself soon enough, and we found ourselves standing in queue for our dose of this “wonderful” NL one fine morning.

the stall
The rice was definitely fluffy, with each grain perfectly round & firm.
the rice
Nasi lemak with its repertoire of dishes..
Begedil (potato cakes), sambal, paru (liver), fried spiced chicken, curry chicken, fish..etc.

No prize for guessing my order, eggs, eggs and more eggs. RM2.50.

my egg-y NL

Unka who can’t do without his sambal sotong (squid sambal). Rm3.70.

Unka's NL
The eggs were perfectly hard boiled, with soft yielding whites and smooth yolks. The fried one though runny, was very oily & was unceremoniously dumped onto Unka’s plate after a few attempts to stomach it.
The sambal is goooooood..finally a version that is with a bit of a spicy kick as opposed to the sweet-ish ones that are doled out everywhere else.
Very fragrant, thanks to the slivers of fried anchovies, its mild sweet undertones came from slowly stewed onions & it made the nasi lemak good enough on its own without any embellishments.
Unka passed the sambal squids too, saying that it was pleasantly tender with the right level of chewy-ness.

There is another stall beside it that dishes out a mean bowl of soup, with your choice of vermicelli, yellow noodles or kuay teow. Just the smell alone was enough to assure me that it is worth ordering a bowl.

lontong stsll

However, I ended up with the Malay Rice Roll – Lontong, on my subsequent visit.
Cut into bite sized pieces & rained with coconut milk vegetables stew, (also known as Sayur Lodeh), it was thick, creamy, fragrant & piping hot, swarming with abundant amount of cabbage, bean curd cubes & long beans. Add a dollop of sambal and you’re off to a fiery start to your day! Not bad for RM3.00



Another visit and this time round I added the lodeh to my nasi lemak…

NL w lodeh

For RM2.70, I aint complaining.


They do take orders for catering, so do give them a ring the next time you are planning a party.

They are open 7 days a week, 630am to 1130am.

Address: Jalan Dua, off Jalan Chan Sow Lin.

A bit out of the way for some, but if you are looking for some good hearty nasi lemak, it is worthy of an effort..& me thinks Nasi Lemak Tanglin, Raja Abdullah and CT Roses has found a rival here, but sadly it has not been given its due recognition and fame..YET.