– My travel package to Taiwan booked!

Last month, I blogged about the newly-founded group buying site called myiMart which focuses on travel deals. You can read about it here: MyiMart – a new group buying site for the wanderlust.

When I went into the travel category on the website, I was swamped with so many selections of various travel packages. There was even a breakdown of sub-categories of Accommodation, Holiday, and Sightseeing to enable visitors to search for their desired packages more easily. I think that this actually proved to be a rather convenient feature on the site.

travel page

While I was just scrolling through the page out of curiosity, one particular deal caught my attention. It was a tour package where I can get 33% (RM291) off 5D4N Taiwan Health Tour, Return Transfers, 7 Meals, Hot Spring, Farmstay, Taipei Tour. Lately, I have just been so busy with my blog and my company, Rouge Communications, it occurred to me that I haven’t had a break since forever. And I have always wanted to visit Taipei all my life!

So, I decided to put my thoughts into action and hit that bright pink button which says “Buy Now”!

33% (RM291) Off 5D4N Taiwan Health Tour,

I was sent to a page to confirm my order and I was required to fill in my contact information in the boxes.

confimation of order

But since I have already registered myself the last time, all I had to do was click on the “Already Registered” button and keyed in my email address and password instead. If you haven’t yet, I suggest that you register yourself once and for all so you don’t have to be troubled to key in the same information repeatedly.

wackybecky confirmation

Right after I picked my selected type of payment and ticked on the T&C box, I continued to submit my order, and I was led to another page to make a secured payment.

Payment Page

I keyed in all the necessary details, and I was sent an email that my order has been confirmed. Once the payment was cleared, I was sent another confirmation email IMMEDIATELY on the payment details.


I went ahead to print out/ download the voucher from myiMart’s site.

myiMart voucher

The redemption process is easy as all I had to do was just send an email to PYO, the travel agency which is behind this tour package.

And with that, voila! I have just gotten myself an amazing deal for a vacation in Taipei! If you’re thinking of going on a holiday as well, don’t forget to check out myiMart because they have some really great deals on there. I am beyond excited about having some downtime alone away from everything else and just to be able to relax my mind. So, look out Taipei, cause Wackybecky is heading your way soon! 🙂

So what would I be doing there?
Here’s my itinerary!

tour itinerary

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