MyiMart – a new group buying site for the wanderlust

When I was told that a new group buying site is being launched this month, I thought to myself, “Ugh, not another one!” There have been a lot of group buy sites popping up in the past few months, and the most recent one would be

But MyiMart actually stood out from the rest and caught my attention because it focuses mainly on travel deals, unlike any other group buy sites. I’m sure it’s not a secret that I love traveling to places and going on exciting adventures, but all this would cost me a sum of money. I’ve looked through some of the deals that are on the website, and they are rather affordable! So, if you’re like me and you’re looking for a great deal, you should definitely check out MyiMart.


Registering on their website is really easy, and it’s user-friendly, too! It only took me less than a minute to join the site. All you have to do is fill in some basic details and you’re in! You don’t even have to click on any verification link sent to your email, which I find to be such a hassle sometimes.

MyiMart Page Image

Remember to like MyiMart’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter at @MyiMart1 because I’ve been told that there will be Twitter and Facebook competitions going on a weekly basis! So what are you waiting for?


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