My Daily Obsession – BREAD!!!!

I’m soooo loving it!!!

Banana WalnutSGD2.95.

banana walnutThick with generous bits of bananas and chunks of walnuts.
Even the dough itself has strong taste of banana! Great toasted with cheese OR… it’s so good, you can even eat it on its own!! ;p

Corn LoafSGD2.95.


Very very fragrant..just with salted butter will do it justice!

Choc ChipSGD2.95.

choc chip

Rich..thick..chocolatey… daub thickly with hazelnut spread and savour it slowly..hhmmm

Multi Grain. SGD2.80.


Healthy, filling and all fibrous goodness..
Other than wholemeal flour, bran and wheat germ, it also contains…
Flax seeds, purple wheat flakes, corn grits, rye flakes, triticale flakes, barley flakes, millets, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, whole spelt flakes and quinoa.
Amazing, isn’t it? Who says bread/carbs are bad???

Though one would expect this to be rough with scratching- the -throat kinda of texture, it is instead soft and light, with a pleasant nutty flavour.
Gimme half boiled eggs, butter & kaya please!!

Home baked goodness by a friend, who also kindly “smuggled” in 6 loaves of bread for me..Sunflower and Walnut Organic Whole meal – the most delicious one of them all!! SGD – priceless.
Please please..anyone going Singapore soon?? ;p

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