Muji opens in Pavilion KL

The minimalist design lifestyle Japanese shop โ€“ Muji has finally arrived in Malaysia after so many years!

MUJI @ pavilion KL

Products of Muji are loved for its very unified look and minimalism.

Muji, Pavilion-004

Muji, Pavilion-005

Muji, Pavilion-006

Muji, Pavilion-007

Muji, Pavilion-008

Muji, Pavilion-010
But that’s not to say that’s its pure aesthetics; as Muji products are essentially functional as well. Add quality and durability into the package and we have a brand loved by many.

Muji, Pavilion-009
Muji, Pavilion-014
Muji, Pavilion-015
Muji, Pavilion-017
Muji, Pavilion-026

The Malaysian outlet ย stocks more than 4,000 items including household wares, skincare, apparel, bags and stationery.

Muji, Pavilion-011

Muji, Pavilion

Muji, Pavilion-001

Muji, Pavilion-002

Muji, Pavilion-003

Muji, Pavilion-012

Muji, Pavilion-013

Muji, Pavilion-016

Muji, Pavilion-023

Muji, Pavilion-025

Muji, Pavilion-027

Muji, Pavilion-031

I was hooked onto the kitchen range (I never knew they had kitchenware!) and their bedding stock.

Muji, Pavilion-018

Muji, Pavilion-019

Muji, Pavilion-020

Muji, Pavilion-021

Muji, Pavilion-022

Muji, Pavilion-032

Muji, Pavilion-033

At some areas, one is reminded of a certain Swedish furniture brand, largely due to the design and layout.

Muji, Pavilion-024

Muji, Pavilion-028

Muji, Pavilion-030

If you’re a fan of flaunting branded items, then this “no-brand” products might not work for you. However, truth to be told, Muji has become a cult-brand by itself, and its design so well recognized that a stamp of the brand on the products itself is redundant.

No frills, functional and quality products. That’s Muji for you.

If the wallet allows. ๐Ÿ™‚

Muji, Pavilion-034

Muji, Pavilion-035

Muji Malaysia opens its doors at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur at noon today for the general public. All items are at 20% off in celebration of the grand launch.

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