MOS Burger in Taiwan – had the pork rice burger and duck burger!

In Taiwan, MOS Burger outlets are everywhere.

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw

They are probably the biggest fast food chain in Taiwan and you’ll see an outlet almost every 500 meters.  Their menu are just as extensive, with some burgers that I have never tried in other countries that I have visited namely Japan & Singapore. And that’s surprising, considering that MOS Burger originates from Japan.

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-003

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-004

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-005

The outlets are big with comfortable seats and it’s not unusual to see big families gathered for a meal.

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-001

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-002

Since I was on a tour, I had to sneak away for a while to grab a take-away. But I can’t read Chinese and the staff doesn’t speak English so I was stumped for while when I tried to place my order. Luckily at the front of the queue a tourist helpfully translated the menu for me.

After a while I finally decided on the Duck Burger as that was really unique. Another is the Pork Rice Burger. I can’t quite remember the price but it was about RM10 each.

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-006

As with MOS Burger everywhere, the packaging is similar, wrapped in thick plastic wrapping with an inner styrofoam layer. I do appreciate that as it keeps the gravy on the burgers from dripping all over me as I eat.

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-007

As you can see below, the pork rice burger was filled to the brim with tasty pork slices though nothing too unusual.

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-008

The Duck Burger was something else. I had expected duck meat slices but was surprised to see smoked duck instead.

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-009

As usual fast food burgers are layered with too much mayonnaise for my liking. For this particular one, the duck slices was smoked and doused in so much sauce rendering the ensemble was rather salty.

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-010

Mos Burger - Taiwan - rebeccasaw-012

But overall MOS Burger is still my favourite fast food joint. Unfortunately I don’t see it returning to Malaysia anytime soon. But it’s ok, at least I’ll get to eat it when I travel out of Malaysia. It’s always interesting to hit the popular fast food joints (especially McDs and MOS Burger) when I’m overseas as each country offers some unique items on their menu. I’m leaving for Shanghai next and I hope to be able to try some porky burgers next! 🙂