Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt – Mooncakes for year 2013!

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurts has always been a very creative and imaginative brand.
From their clever flavours (root beer, wheatgrass, pat poh just to name a few) to regular new creations with the recent one being mooncakes, Moo Cow keeps their loyal fans happy and always curious on the next big idea from the mamalia family.

Just recently there were the Moo Cow cheesecake. Do you know that they have merchandise too now? Yes!
Get these oh-my-god so quirky slippers at any Moo Cow outlet for RM39.90 /pair! 🙂

moo cow slippers

moo cow slippers review blog

moo cow slippers review blog rebecca saw

Cool isn’t it? I told you Moo Cow is cool brand; from cooling you with cooling yogurt to dressing you in cool merchandise! 😀

This year we have Moo Cow mooncakes, made the exact way it was made for many years in the Moo Cow founder’s family. As expected, products made with love carries with them the unmistakable taste of homeliness and the unrivaled flavour of pure premium ingredients.

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Moo Cow mooncakes has no coloring nor flavouring added. The mooncake selection includes the flavors of white lotus, pumpkin, red bean, sweet potato , black sesame as well as pandan too. Price at RM 5.50 per piece or RM22/box.

Left to right: Sweet potato, pumpkin, red bean.

mooncakes review 2013 - moo cow mooncakes-001

Left to right: White lotus, black sesame, pandan.

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The Moo Cow mooncakes comes in one size. Each are about 3 inches in diameter and weight 70 grams. I couldn’t pick a favourite even if I wanted to. After sampling every single one of them I decided that I like them all! 😀
The paste within are perfectly balanced in sweetness and disintegrated on my tongue with all the goodness of fresh, homemade paste. The pumpkin ones has sunflowers seeds while the rest of the flavours has melon seed embedded within. The skin of the mooncakes are nicely soft and pleasantly sweet too. I’m very sensitive to grease but the fillings were not overly oily or sticky either. In a nutshell, Moo Cow mooncakes are a highly recommended buy!

mooncakes review 2013 - moo cow mooncakes

mooncakes review 2013 - moo cow mooncakes- blog

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Now if you are still wondering if you should buy these mooncakes, let me offer you the reasons below:
1. Cheaper than most brands. For a box of RM22, you can only afford ONE normal sized mooncake from Tai Thong, Overseas or any KL hotels. Let’s not compare this to the roadside/pasar malam variety which is irrelevant here.
2. Homemade, wholesome mooncakes. Need I say more?
3. Cute packaging, ideal for gifts.
4. Talking about gifts, would you rather buy RM20++/mooncake x 4 pieces as a gift or ONE RM22 box – also 4 pieces? Yes the size is smaller but really, does size matter? It’s a box of 4, which in any case it’s perfectly passable as a complete set.
5. Healthier mooncakes  – your body will thank you for it. Smaller portions also means lesser calories! Basically, indulge in this annual tradition but keep the calorie count in check.
6. The mooncake itself is cute! Did you notice the embossed mamalia on top of each mooncake? 🙂

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Where to buy: 
Visit Moo Cow kiosk /shop in Hartamas Shopping Centre, The Gardens Mall, Wangsa Walk, Sunway Pyramid, The Curve, 1 Utama, Gurney Paragon, Bangsar Telawi, Ikano Power Centre, publika, Suria KLCC, Paradigm, Great Eastern Mall, Lintas KK (Sabah).

RM5.50 each. RM22 per box of 4.

So who’s interested to get some? 🙂
By the way, I’m running a Instagram contest with cool prizes of delicous gelato and burgers NOW! Follow me on instagram @wackybecky! Who knows, I might give away some mooncakes?

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