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It’s the 8th video now at and counting. The videos have been hilarious with really good editing so far and the viewership is amazing; with each video garnering as much as 8,000 to 25,000 views!

The question of who or what was behind this site has been answered as well; though it turned out to be quite a surprising and unlikely candidate; a tile maker.

Yes, MML aka Malaysian Mosaic Berhad was revealed to be the mastermind behind Curious and his friends! Following this, MML has announced their nationwide contest for a home makeover, at a pretty good timing I’ll say, having created enough buzz from the first few weeks of the launch.

Curious Cat MY

Since I had been following the adventures of the Curious Cat, I checked out the makeover contest.

– Click here: MML Tile Makeover.

Curious Cat MY 2

– Click on Submit Tab on the makeover file.
– Submit a total of 5 images and choose either one: bathroom, living room or porch. Ensure that all the pictures are for one area only. If you wish to makeover your porch, all pictures must be from the porch area.

Curious Cat MY 3

–  Fill in the title, your problem and what you would like MML to fix.

Curious Cat MY 4


– Fill in your personal details; name, address, contact number, e-mail, type of dwelling.

Curious Cat MY 5

– Read through the Terms and Condition and click the button to agree – if you agree :DD

Curious Cat MY 6

Curious Cat MY 7

– Preview your submission. Make sure your details are correct. All good? Hit the submit button!

Curious Cat MY 8

I would have preferred a kitchen or bedroom makeover but living room, porch or bathroom is better than nothing I guess.
So for those with a house/apartment/condo of your own, why not give this a shot?

Send in 5 pictures (heck, you don’t even have to be creative or get anyone to LIKE or vote for you!) and keep your fingers crossed  to scoring a brand new make-over for your house!

Link is HERE –> MML Tile Makeover Contest |

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