MML Tile Makeover Contest | – Winners Announced!


After the submission and voting has ended and it is finally time to announce the winners of MMLs Home Maker Contest! Are you as curious as a cat to find out which submission won the heart of the judges? 🙂

Well,  look no further as here they are!

What's New.png

The Winner of the Porch Makeover goes to Siew Gaik’s Mini Earthquake. Something mysterious must have happened since there are no earthquake in Malaysia but what the hell, I must say she deserves a makeover. If my porch is like this I’ll have daily anxiety attacks worrying that one day my car might just disappear 6 feet under if the cracks ever open up ala Armageddon! -_-


The Winner for the Living Room Makeover goes to Nik Suria and the Nasty Patch. Not sure what is that stain on those tiles but I wonder how they lived with it til now! I felt goosebumps just looking at the picture.

Diaries 2.png

And lastly the Winner of the Bathroom Makeover goes to  Loh Chia Hur, Ruler of the Rainbow Realm.
Pink, Blue, Yellow and Beige?? Taking colour-blocking a step too far eh?  Time for a makeover!

Diaries 3.png

So I guess I have to say a big congratulations to all the winners (but not without a tinge of jealousy :P)!
I wonder what’s next now the competition is over? Do I have to say goodbye to my favourite cat?? Oh Curious, I’ll miss you! 🙁

Well, I hope there’s plan for another MML Makeover! What say you? 😀

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