MML Tile Makeover Contest at – Submit before 8th July!

I’m curious as a cat… how many entries has the MML Tile Makeover Contest garnered so far?

MML Tile Makeover Contest at

So here’s what I did. I went to the site  MML Tile Makeover Contest | and went through “the cases” – the entries for the contest so far and my my, there was quite a number!!

MML Tile Makeover Contest at

Many homes are in need of a tile makeover it seems and these SMART people ae taking advantage of the generous MML offer of re-tiling their homes for free! 🙂

MML Tile Makeover Contest at CuriousCat .bmp

Look at these entries that were being submitted. Oh my, how did they live with such tiles in their very own living/bathroom/porch??

Good lord, I felt squeamish looking at these!

MML Tile Makeover Contest at CuriousCat.bmp

These porches are pretty deplorable….

MML Tile Makeover Contest at

A living room with dirty, cracked tiles is not a pleasant sight and yes, I agree it’s not safe for children!

MML Tile Makeover Contest CuriousCat my.bmp

Well, I certainly think they do deserve a makeover don’t you??

No? You think YOU deserve a makeover instead?

Well, what have  you been doing then? Have you submitted your entry? Show Curious the Cat your worst tiles!

Take this opportunity to grab a complimentary makeover by participating in MML’s Home Makeover contest and stand a chance to change your home with them! Entries are accepted UNTIL 8th July 2012! That’s 3 days left!

Site to submit HERE –>  MML Tile Makeover Contest |

MML Tile Makeover Contest at

Look at the tiles, it makes you smile;
Not for a while, but a long time!

Oh yeah, while you’re at the site please watch and listen to how Goldie raps very convincingly in an indian slang to the lyrics above. What a fish! HAHah!! :DD

MML Tile Makeover Contest at CuriousCat


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