MIGF 2011 – Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental KL

In continuation of my MIGF exploit here in Mandarin Oriental, I headed over to Mandarin Grill right after my Lai Po Heen MIGF dinner (review–> HERE), to be acquitted with the new chef at helm, the young but capable Chef Reto Weber.

Mandarin Grill_Chef_MIGF11_IMG_0127

True to be told, though I’m a big lover of steaks, my previous visit (review –> HERE ) did not make an impression. I have not been back since.

MIGF 2011 :


Diver scallops, ricotta dumplings and tomatoes with olives

 Competently prepared. But boring.

2011 MIGF - Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental

However, it’s definitely time for a re-visit; as I have a hunch that the new chef will shake things up a little in here and I’m looking forward to (hopefully) new recipes/items on the Mandarin Grill menu.


Foie gras and confit smoked duck leg, marinated Shimeji mushrooms,

caramelized orange vinaigrette

 This was luscious, as all foie gras rightfully should be; but interestingly matched with the smoked duck, though the duck was minicule at best.
I really wished then that I have some bread to spread this smooth pate over. The orange dots you see below were more than just for aesthetic; as the sweet, tangy caramelized orange vinaigrette was perfect when eaten together with the salty, rich foie gras. The play of flavours on the tastebuds was enthralling. 

2011 MIGF - Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental-1

The Fish**

Josper roasted Monk Fish Fillet, coriander tagliatelle, olive oil poached green asparagus

** we skipped this.


The Refresher

Iced raspberry-bell pepper cappuccino

Our palate cleanser. Sour with a hint of pepper. Some of us find it tasting a bit “medicinal“.

2011 MIGF - Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental-2

The Main Event

Slow cooked ‘soux-vide style’ wagyu beef cheeks, summer truffles,

celeriac roots and horseradish foam

Anything sous-vide is good for me since I like my meat with a melt-in-mouth texture. This happens to be wagyu somemore so you can imagine how tender it was.

2011 MIGF - Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental-3

The knife they gave us was purely ornamental when served with such soft meat. For a bit of differing flavours, swipe your meat with the celeriac roots puree at the side.

2011 MIGF - Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental-4


Chaource with plum compote clove sentenced oil, hazelnut bread

**we skipped this



Albaco chocolate cremeux, meringue, passion fruit sphere, frozen yoghurt

A pleasant enough end to the meal but it was both the passion fruit sphere and the frozen yogurt that was worth a mention. The sphere was like a molecular gastronomy- prepared ball that burst in the mouth upon contact and flooded my mouth with sweet & tangy passionfruit puree while that tear-drop shaped “frozen” yogurt you see below was like a sweet marshmallow!

2011 MIGF - Mandarin Grill, Mandarin Oriental-5

So that was the MIGF 2011 menu by Mandarin Grill.
It didn’t totally “wow” me as most items are familiar stuffs, sous-vide, beef cheeks, scallops, chocolate dessert but it was at least competently prepared.
Nonetheless, I’m serious about popping in here again just for the meats, as Mandarin Grill is famed for steak dining.  This time it shall be a 250g and at minimum, a wagyu grade steak, but heck.. God willing, KOBE if possible! :P

For reservations, please contact Lai Po Heen at +60(3) 2179 8885, [email protected] or Mandarin Grill at +60(3) 2179 8960, [email protected]

All pictures taken with the:
Samsung NX11