method Malaysia – good kitchen cleaning products

I been slowly but surely switching over to method products for my household needs.
After the pleasant bathroom cleaning experience (can any house-cleaning be pleasant? You bet!) I moved on to the kitchen, another area that gives me more headache then I care to share.

method malaysia - kitchen items

The bathroom will always get dirty; blame the moisture, shower suds, the toilet bowl. The kitchen is similarly prone to get dirty; this time from grease, humidity and general kitchen use.

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products -001

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products

So here’s what I got:
Stainless Steel Cleaner Spray (354ml) – RM13.80.
This is for my stove and fridge. It is suitable for dishwasher as well, except that I don’t have a dishwasher. Another use for it is for stainless steel pot and pans. Well that’s obvious isn’t it?
Those pans, they get ugly streaks with scrubbing, and I hate to scrub them as it will make my pans ugly. Let’s see if this spray gets the grime out without me having to use the scrubber.

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products -005

Daily Granite & Marble Cleaner Spray (354ml) – RM13.80. 
stone-cold cleaner.
I don’t have any granite at home, but this works for marble as well. Well, tiles too. Perfect for the kitchen floor. For those staying in kitchens that has those nice marble countertops, this is what you should be using to keep the precious marble polished.

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products -006

All Purpose Cleaning Spray (828ml) – RM13.80. 
all-purpose cleaner with powergreen techology.

This is truly all purpose. It’s suitable for wood, glass, tiles and metal. So I’m going to use it to clean my kitchen cabinets. There’s isn’t that many good wood cleaners that are gentle on the surface of the cabinet.
The term ‘powergreen’ refers to naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients. It is derived from corn + coconut and it breaks down dirt naturally, so every spray leaves nothing behind but a fresh scent, no sticky residue.

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products -002

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products -003

I guess the counter top by the sink could do with a few sprays of it as well.

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products -007

Dish Soap Pump (532ml) – RM18.80 – get pumped to get clean dishes.

Seriously? Getting pumped up over dishwashing?
Perhaps, if the soap smells good, doesn’t dry out my hands and it doesn’t take 3 full minutes under running waster to wash off. That’s normally what happens with the strong dish washing liquid on the market. method’s Dish Soap Pump is biodegradable and promises grease fighting properties minus the harm to the skin and environment.
This comes in 3 variants – (mine is cucumber), Sea Minerals, Clementine.

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products -004

method Malaysia - Kitchen cleaning products -008

So yes, time to get started on the kitchen! As usual I’ll share some photos on my kitchen cleaning exercise. And all volunteers are welcome! 🙂

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**Photos taken with the Sony NEX 5T