McDonalds Malaysia – Spinach and Lychee Pie – review

I have to be extremely curious to step into a McDonalds.

And this time I was curious enough, since there are not one, but TWO (2) new items!

And both are “sides“, not main burgers. I had thought it was funny that 2 sides were introduced simultaneously.

Anyhow the reason to try the lychee pie was because of its name.
If you know Hokkien (specifically Hokkien foul words) or if you are a Malaysian who curse, you would have an idea of what “lychee pie” means when both words were spoken fast.

So after a long day of shoot and merely surviving on a salad box yesterday, I decided that it was a good time as any to clock up some calories.

mcd lychee pie , spinach pie

So I walked into a McD at The Curve after my appointment and requested for both the Lychee and Spinach Pie.
One savoury, one sweet, that would be a nice balance, I had thought.

At first glance upon opening the package I knew it is not going to be good.
The pies were greasy and gosh, they looked pathetic!

mcd lychee pie , spinach pie-008

I peeled the top layer off for a closer inspection of the fillings.

It looked bad and well, it tasted just as bad.
For the lychee one, the filling is a mess of gummy, starchy paste with bits of lychee flavoured nata de coco.
Nope, no actual lychees bits here.
The McD Lychee Pie is RM2.60 nett.

mcd lychee pie , spinach pie-003

If you curious about the Spinach Pie (RM2.95 nett) as well & was tempted to try, well, lets just say that it a small, greasy puff filled with starchy, creamy mess with bits of green in it.

BELOW: Pictured with an iPhone 6 Plus for comparison.

mcd lychee pie , spinach pie-006

So, who is still curious to try these pies?

Well, if you are, both are available at most McD (check the FB page for details) within Klang Valley.
I’m not sure about other states in Malaysia.

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