One last week to go til the end of October. For some, the month of October could be associated with Pink, as in the Breast Cancer Awareness month. Have you done your part for this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness campaign?

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I had personally danced, sweat and grooved with my fellow gym bunnies, favourite Celebrity Fitness instructors and some real life celebrities such as Ning Baizura, Sazzy Falak and Daphne Iking in a challenging yet interesting BOSU workout at Sunway Pyramid, Piazza area few weeks back.

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It was a refreshing idea, one that’s a first in Malaysia and yes, having PINK bosus is a nice touch. The best part of the event was doing our small part in aid of those with breast cancer. With the support of sponsors, participants and members, RM 10,000 was raised within one month and all proceeds from this event went to Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA).

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The creator of BOSU, David Weck, even made a special appearance during the Pink BOSU Party and welcomed Malaysians with an inspiring speech. I have used the Bosu many times in my classes in Celebrity Fitness gyms but today I had the opportunity to meet and greet the founder and brains behind this revolutionary piece of fitness equipment and concept! It was a great day indeed!

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The various fitness regimes such as BOSU Yoga, BOSU Pilates and BOSU Functional will improve one’s body stability and body alignment while training their neurological system to interact with the musculoskeletal system,” David Weck had said.

So what do you actually do on a Bosu?
Well, here’s what you can do. And mind you, the whole group of us was doing pretty much the same thing as we followed their instructions to jump, lift, stretch and dance around this half-inflated rubber ball!


Ok, I admit we didn’t attempt this one!


About BCWA:
BCWA’s activities includes the MURNI (Mobile Unit Reaching Nationwide with Information) programme that conducts clinical breast examinations and teaches breast self-examination within the “urban villages” of the Klang Valley. This also includes public education and training on early detection and treatment of breast cancer and related breast health issues.

The Pink BOSU Party was made possible with the following partners:
Sunway Pyramid, Tune Talk, Astro Awani, Asia Web Direct, Biotherm, Blackmores, Silky Girl, Ecoparadise, Revive, CN Health & Beauty, Pathlab, Horleys, Sasa and Kinohimitsu.
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