LuxOnU @ Puchong – genuine luxury handbags at reasonable prices. Yes, REALLY.

Shopaholic (or bagaholics!) REJOICE!!

The only thing you really really need to know about LuxOnU is the location.

LuxOnU map

From the LDP, keep to your left after passing Neway + HSBC + IOI Boulevard. Turn left as soon as you can & you in the area! Just follow the map above, some maneuvering around & you will find the shop (which is facing the LDP).

Cos you will want to see & run your fingers through their merchandise yourself to substantiate for certain that they are genuine.

Cos then you will believe me that LuxOnU is a new luxury bag shop in town with its merchandise sold at prices that’s affordable even for the middle income!

Eg; the Longchamps below are going for less than RM1000, while the small Coach clutches are about RM200-RM500 and the pink Coach below is only RM1450! Yes, they are all NEW, nothing pre-loved or of rejected stock!

LuxOnU - puchong bags

Some of LuxOnU current stock are exclusive Bally designs, roomy Longchamps suited for travel & more of Coach for the Coach fanatics.

LuxOnU - puchong bags 1

Matching pink Coach for my pink dress & pink wedges. πŸ˜‰

LuxOnU Puchong - Rebecca Saw

A cosy but spacious lot on the 2nd floor, LuxOnU offers private viewing strictly by appointment. The non-frills & “industrious” interior keeps your attention on what’s important in the room, the beautiful bags! Mirror are aplenty for you to view yourself at every angle, ensuring you that your choice of purchase is your best decision.

LuxOnU Puchong 1

At the pre-launch, there were sharing sessions with Marcus & Rachel, co-partners of LuxOnU on the some of the correct methods to identify the fake from the genuine, the proper storage materials to use that is safe for keeping your bags, the difference between the certificate and the care card, the best use of certain liquids to clear stains on either the interior or exterior of your precious bags, which is very much dependant on the material.

All very useful tips for the bagaholics. Indisputably, it makes the pre-launch event more personalized & beneficial for all who attended. Thanks so much Rachel & Marcus! πŸ˜‰

LuxOnU Puchong - wine tasting session

LuxOnU Puchong - Rebecca Saw, Hanie Hidayah

The next highlight is the superb Chocolate moist cakes from Sweet Indulgence. Decadent with a good balance of cocoa & sugar, with a fluffy yet rich sponge, even a non-choc lover like me couldn’t resist polishing off a slice, tight dress or not. πŸ˜‰

LuxOnU - sweet indulgence

The Sherperds Pie needs to be creamier & the Red Velvet cupcakes are not quite up to the mark yet. There are not many places one where one can find Red Velvet, but you can try A Taste Boutique’s HERE, California Pizza Kitchen’s version HERE, The Daily Grind’s HERE, Patisserie RUI – The Velvets, & The Pink Sage’s.
Other places for Red Velvets includes Just Heavenly Pleasures at Jaya One, O Gourmet BSC or Pacific Coffee, as well as Whisk in Empire Shopping Mall. Truth to be told, I haven’t found a really good Red Velvet other than A Taste’s Boutique’s (post HERE), but that was some time ago.

LuxOnU Puchong - Rebecca Saw 1

But I digress. Ok, back to Sweet Indulgence. Currently a little cafe occupying one end of LuxOnU’s boutique, customers may order a latte/cappuccino & indulge in their homebaked creations while browsing through the bags here. This totally makesΒ  for a wholesome experience doesn’t it? Retail therapy. Desserts therapy. Personalised attention by Rachel or Marcus. NICE! :yes:

Headed by a daughter (Jessica) & mother team, both have been baking & taking orders for their cakes through friends prior to the opening of Sweet Indulgence, which is their 1st furoy into the retail scene. Well, if their mooncakes & chocolate moist cake are of any indication, I’m pretty sure their little cafe is going to be a hit in the area!

Sweet Indulgence Puchong

Then we had a wine tasting session, generously sponsored by Evergrapes Marketing. Horace Lau, the wine expert, shared Premium Australian Sparkling Juice & a medium bodied New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, TONEBURN with us.

LuxOnU - evergrape

We were each handed an ISO wine glass, with about 20-30ml of wine for the purpose of tasting.Β  The liquid is swirled, sniffed, its colour strutinized & its flavour elucidated. All in all, I find the wine fruity & medium both in body and acidity. The sparkling juice was more of interest to me (collage bottom left) as it tasted almost like red wine, minus the alcohol!

LuxOnU Puchong - all paying attention

Bloggers were each given a goody bag at the end of the night. As if we weren’t pampered enough, our goody bags came with a RM100 voucher! :yahoo:
LuxOnU - goody bag

LuxOnU goody bag

LuxOnU will be having their offical launch next Saturday, 28th August 2010, 12-2pm at 23-2, Jalan Kenari 12, Bandar Puchong Jaya. (Refer card below). Bagaholics, you do not want to miss this!

LuxOnU - puchong Contact

I have an idea of what I want already πŸ˜‰ but Marcus told me there will be as much as 50 more bags on their launch day! So I’m saving my RM100 voucher for Aug 28th!

This little Coach clutch was about RM300 only.

LuxOnU Puchong - Rebecca Saw, coach purse

Here I am tearing at a Red Velvet cupcake πŸ˜‰

LuxOnU Puchong - Rebecca Saw, red velvet

Wines by:

LuxOnU - puchong EverGrape card

Cakes, moncakes & pies by:

LuxOnU - sweet indulgence contact

Thank you April for the invite! πŸ˜‰


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