Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow, Penang – It’s good!

This aunty is probably the most famous Penangite in our country. One might even label her a celebrity. She’s known for her manners and of course, her food.

Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow – Penang

Any publicity is good publicity? Well, I’ll say bad publicity works better.

Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow – Penang-001

One has to admit that there are some people who would tolerate long waits, rude/brusque hawkers and sometime deplorable dining conditions (by the drains, etc) for good food. And thus these hawkers still thrive despite the notoriety.

Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow – Penang-002

I for one, never ate here when I was living in Penang. That was like decade ago. For research sake, I can’t possibly miss this infamous spot for my char kuey teow marathon.
Honestly I was rather put off by the reviews I read and the news of her arrogance.
I definitely didn’t expect to actually enjoy my plate of char kuey teow here!
Yes I said it. I actually like the overrated “Lorong Selamat char kuey teow”. It cost me RM8 and I didn’t even finish the prawns. It was the kuey teow that had me hooked. There, there, before you start to throw rotten tomatoes at me and say that I have ‘bad taste’ (which frankly I couldn’t give a shit), I’m judging the food as it is. Not because of foul-mouthed aunty nor the ‘superb service‘.

No doubt there are equally better stalls for char kuey teow and I’m still on the mission to find them! You don’t have to put up with the snotty attitude or the inflated prices (which frankly isn’t inflated if you take into account the prawns but solely as a plate of CKT then yes, it’s expensive), you have a choice to not patronise her outlet.
But my review stays, her CKT is good. Whether it’s worth putting up with her attitude or not is another matter. For me, I’ll gladly get my fix at Tiger Char Kuey Teow at Lebuh Carnavon (almost as good).
Review on Tiger CKT will be next! 🙂

Notorious for her arrogance but can’t be denied that her Char Kway Teow is good in terms of taste. Smoky wok fragrance, NOT greasy and wet, big juicy prawns, plump bloody cockles (hell yes!), chinese wax sausages and whatever else you would expect from a satisfying plate of Char Kway Teow!

Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow – Penang-003

Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow – Penang-004

Wash it down with a glass of nutmeg juice, something quintessentially Penang.

Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow – Penang-006

Name: Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow
Address: Kafe Kheng Huat, Lorong Selamat, Penang
GPSN05° 25′ 1.6″ E100° 19′ 29.4″
Time: Afternoons – busiest from 2pm – 5pm
Day: Everyday.
Price: RM8 (small/regular).
NOTE: You will be told off if you ask too many questions or if you have specific requests. It’s either regular or large. She doesn’t entertain take-aways either.
Another thing that I noticed, she fries individual plates of char koay teow and not in bulk.

Last but not least would I re-visit now that I have tried it?
NO. I don’t put up with snotty attitude either.


I’m slowly but surely writing about the 8 plates of char koay teow I had in Penang. For the first 3 posts, you can read them as below.

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4. Famous Lorong Selamat Char Koay Teow – Penang

For good Penang food in KL, head to Penang One in Kota Damansara or Puchong. My review here –> Good Penang food in KL – Penang One. Their Char Koay Teow is from Kampung Jawa which is pretty famous in Penang as well.
I go to the Kota Damansara outlet almost twice every month. I shall update a post on my visits (many visits!) soon. Do note that it may not be the best (or similar to your favourite stall in Penang) but Penang One is still your best best for a good variety of Penang food under ONE roof, with air conditioning while sparing you the journey through and fro KL-Pg-KL.
Do avoid the lor bak here though.

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