Life Juice Co @ 1 Utama – cold pressed juice in Malaysia

What makes cold pressed juice unique?
In convention blending and juicing fresh fruits and vegetables are being cut and ground by fast-spinning blades. This process adds some heat and exposes ingredients to air; two things that cut down the percentage of essential nutrients that make their way into your glass.
This “rough” action also destroys many of the vitamins, enzymes, proteins, and minerals that we want from our juice.

Here’s what you need to know:
Traditional juicers/ centrifugal models – juicers/blenders.
Masticating juicer – cold pressed juicers.

Now that you got a general idea of the different models, let me explain a bit more about cold pressed goodness. 😀

Masticating juicers extract juice by a slow and careful process of hydraulically extracting fruit and vegetable juice (pressing and grinding fruits and vegetables without adding heat, hence the term “cold-pressed”) and this process exerts just enough pressure to extract the juice.

Cold press juicing is so precise with its process of extraction that there is minimal air and heat so very little oxidation occurs.
This means you can enjoy your cold pressed juice up to 3 days after extraction, all the while preserving its vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and overall nutrients up to five times more than any other juicer.

Life Juice Co -1U cold pressed juice

The result is the closest thing to raw, pure fruits/vegetables with a concentrated amount of nutrients that are otherwise difficult to achieve from simply eating raw fruits and vegetables alone.

I have had contemplated getting a slow juicer for myself for some time.
But the cost was a huge deterrent considering that I’ve just purchased a Thermomix (drop me a comment if you want to know more about the Thermomix – I’m setting up some demo sessions soon!), a Soy Maker and a Tefal Actifry (air fryer).

But now it’s simply more convenient to get my cold pressed juices here at Life Juice Co.
There are no added water or sugar and it is pure juices that will naturally boost your immunity, make you feel rejuvenated, healthy, balanced and excited to be alive!

Life Juice Co -004

Life Juice Co. is beside Lavendar Bakery & Putien at the Old Wing in 1Utama Shopping Centre.
Prices are RM12.90 for a regular (300ml) or RM14.90 for a Large.

Life Juice Co -002

Here’s the current menu for Life Juice Co.

life juice co - 1 Utama - cold pressed juice in Malaysia

Stay tuned as I will be updating this post as I sample more of Life Juice Co’s bottles! 🙂
I hope to show you a picture of their RM70,000 machine that makes all these cold pressed goodness possible.
And I’ll remember to bring my camera next time you can expect nicer pictures. All these were taken with my iPhone on the launch day.