Latest Dough Craze? Chewy Junior – Pavillion

A public holiday yesterday, I met up with some friends, and since one is from Penang, we suggested Carl’s Junior and Ministry of Food, since both are unavailable in the gluttony island of “hawker grub rules“. Pavillion was packed as usual, hhmmm.. to think that we are heading for recession?

New stores has popped up on the food scene, Pepper Lunch is finally open, and there is this Korean Pizza thingy (cone-shaped) that is located near the food court.
The prices doesn’t agree with me for the size of the pizzas they serve so I have yet to try it..

Passing by J Co, I saw a queue shorter than usual (it has been getting shorter lately ;p) But that’s still weird, for a PH, I thought to myself..

I got the answer why just as we were ushered to our seats in MOF; for directly opposite, there is a new dough-craze chain in town!

Chewy Junior.

First prize for a J Co/Big Apple set-up look-alike!

So now this is where the queue is.

Another novelty food to tantalize our bored Malaysian tastebuds..lucky us hor?

It came with the usual choices, savoury ones like cheese, sweet ones such as fruits flavoured jams . Of course, chocolates and nuts laden ones are a must.

RM2.20 for the original and RM2.50 for the assorted. RM13 for half a dozen.. fill in the rest, you know the drill (or rather, the marketing gimmick) by now.

As my stomach was already allocated for MOF, I only tried the original version. My take on food is, go for the basics, if it’s good, then the macam-macam (varieties) should be passable!

I actually liked it. Chewy (duuhh.. it is in the name after all) and the custard filling was light, milky and not oversweet (thumbs up!).
Comparatively, the dough from donuts are lighter (as in fluffier/airier) than this, so when consuming Chewy Juniors one for one to J Co, CJ would be more filling.

As mine was the “original”, there was nothing to tamper with my tastebuds.
Freshly baked from the oven, I assume it’s a healthier alternative from donuts and they are hoping to lure the diet-conscious crowd as well. Then again, if you choose chocolate and cheese as your toppings, you’re pretty much back to square one.

A cross between Papa’s cream puffs and J Co donuts, it’s like having the best of both worlds AND paying one price ;p .

I shall be back for more so stay posted!

Note of caution: Chewing required, might tire the mouth. Not unlike bubble gum. Will take some time to consume so can’t disappear so fast, recommended for functions, more economical on the $. LOL

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