L’aperitif Fashion by Kronenbourg, featuring Gallo by Thian


The winner of the pair of passes to attend L’aperitif Fashion by Kronenbourg this Thursday goes to… *drum rolls*

RYAN MO of http://www.duckalot.com/!

Congratulations Ryan for winning!

Fret not the rest of you, I’ll have more things to give away after the 15th! So check back for updates!

“Kronenbourg is France’s No 1 selling premium beer, sold in 70 countries worldwide with 350 years of brewing heritage.”

Well, in Malaysia my first experience of Kronenbourg was at the Kronenbourg 1664 French Fashion Soiree, a fashion event back in April 2011.

Bloggers are having a fun time out with Kronenbourg 1664

From then on, I see Kronenbourg beer everywhere! At the Epicure 2011, MIGF 2011, MIFW 2011 and the list goes on.

Epicure 2011-10

MIGF gala closing

It is obvious that Kronenbourg is positioning itself as a brand associated with the good life; with its affiliation with glamourous fashion and good food.

And this December, Kronenbourg brings you..

Basic CMYK

The L’aperitif Fashion event captures the two distinct features, to introduce a glamorous version of the French Happy Hour, intrinsic to the French Culture of ‘art de vivre’ (art of living) in France – a celebration of good friends, good food, good spirits and good conversation.

Ap’eritif (ah-per-i-teef) is the small drink of alcoholic liquor that is taken to stimulate the appetite before a meal.

Fashion on the other hand, simply describes a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette and social form. (I concur!!)

Gallo by Thian is the designer that will be featured at this event on the 15th December 2011 @ The View, G-Tower.


COLOUR BLOCKING is so in season!! :P


This is from their Fall/Winter 11/12 collection.


Ok, actually I do not know much about Gallo designs. Haven’t been into their boutique. Well, we will know this coming 15th yea?

Attendees can expect to be whisked away into a glamorous French Affair with fashionable people all around, fine dining, display designs from Gallo by Thian and a makeup station by L’ancome.

All this and FREE FLOW of Kronenbourg 1664!

Ok, heres the part you’re waiting. HOW TO GET PASSES TO THE EVENT!  

I’m keeping it simple. Cos I’m a very busy woman you see. But since I’m chosen as one of the official Kronenbourg L’aperitif  Fashion Bloggers”, how to say “No” right? :P


All you have to do is come up with a slogan not more than 10 words, starting with this: “I want to win the passes to the L’aperitif fashion event by Kronenbourg because..”

There’s no entry limit, so comment as many times as you want! Remember, not more than 10 words! And please la.. BE FUNNY! I like jokes…make me laugh please. :P

Contest ends on Friday, 9th December 2011 at 11.59pm.

Apparently I’ve got limited edition bottle opener designed by Gallo with Kronenbourg to give away as well. But that’s after the event. So, hop back here for that after the 15th!

For more information on Kronenbourg, check out their Facebook: @KronenbourgMY.