Krispy Kreme Media Launch

THE over- hyped, ultimate sugar-rush, one way ticket to diabetes-doom, blood sugar level soaring and calorie packed Krispy Kreme donut has finally graced our Malaysian shores!

The “sneak preview” media launch was on Friday, 24th April 09 at their first outlet in Malaysia, Berjaya Times Square, while Monday, 27th April 09, would be their official launch to the public.

Hohooho..seen enough??

Ok ok..back to the event..
The Berjaya Group has definitely pulled all stops to create the build-up anticipation for the launch of its inaugural outlet on Monday.

People already buying like crazy during the launch….I can imagine each one and everyone of them has this going through their minds “must try must try.. tomorrow can tell my friends ” Krispy Kreme ahh.. .. I eat already *smug look on face*…” “

The people behind it all..
Dato Francis Lee, Director, Berjaya Group.
Jeff Welch – President, Krispy Kreme International, fourth guy from left.

The opening’s significant moment – the lighting of the Krispy Kreme symbolic logo, this is synonymous to all launches of Krispy Kreme branches worldwide…..


We were ushered in and greeted by chirpy staff who is sweeter than the donuts they promote.
I hit the “production” line and started to snap away…

Note the waterfall of white liquid in the last pic above. THAT…. is sugar. That coats this..
Saw how thick the “glaze” coating is? Super sweet stuff I tell you..

But but.. it was ok for some, and a bit too sweet for others, so really.. taste is subjective.
Go queue up, buy some and try it for yourself!

Oh yes, we did get some freebies πŸ˜‰
Each attendee of the night get a voucher…
So, I claimed mine. And it is still in the fridge…anyone?

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