Kimora Lee Simmons in KL, Malaysia!

I just met Kimora Lee Simmons just now and I managed to squeeze myself to the front to capture her on video!

Do watch as she speaks to us during the brief reception in Sage, Mid Valley, Gardens. This was the High Heeled Warriors Event by Universal Networks .

Here’s another video of her speaking in Malay!
Not bad, she said…. …

Haha.. quite a number of phrases but you’ll have to watch the video to find out! 🙂

Note: The video is currently being processed by YouTube. Please click on this link –>  if the video doesn’t load.

My impression of her?
I was peeved at first for having to wait from 4pm to 630pm before she finally made an appearance. But boy, was I glad to see her in person! Her persona and aura is fabulous!

She walks in and the whole room was abuzz with her energy. Needless to say, she dominated the whole area!

kimora lee simmons

She’s obviously popular,  but what do you guys like about Kimora really?

Video taken with the:
Samsung NX11

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