Justin Bieber Concert LIVE in Malaysia 2011 – Video & pictures from the concert!

I was at the concert yesterday! Yes yes, me! LOL.
I admit I wasn’t a Bieber fan but thanks to Tune Talk & Donovan Chan – my wonderful colleague who managed to get me 2 RM358 tics; I figured, heck why not? Let’s go watch Justin in real life!

That was as real life as it can get. Even at the blue zone, for RM358, I barely saw anything of him. Thank god for the big screen. But then seriously, how many of us could possibly be FRONT row at a concert?

I knew some of his songs by name, but not every single one. Haha, so I’m quoting from Jason (mynjayz) who is a Bieber fan. “He sang, One time, Bigger, Runaway Love, You smile I smile, One less lonely girl, Eenie Meenie, Love Me, Somebody to love, Pray, Never Say Never and lastly Baby. It lasted for around 2 hours plus.

Yup it did.
My take of his performance?

It was an energy packed performance, with a lot of emphasis on the routine and the opportunity of actually seeing Bieber live. There wasn’t much to be said for his vocals. He danced quite a bit, & while it was entertaining I felt he lacked the “finesse & flamboyance” in his dance moves (Ok, this might be a wee unfair as I’m comparing to dance maestros like Usher). But I loved the part when he showed off his dexterity in music instruments, namely the guitar & the drums! He certainly has the musical talent to qualify as an artist!

He threw us a surprise when he called for a special guest. Woots! It’s Joel Madden from Good Charlotte! He sang Dance Floor Anthem. Check out the video!

And last but not least: Baby!

So am I Bieber-fied?? Nahh! But I have to admit he’s gifted & certainly has his appeal. He is cute & very very likeable on stage. His songs are catchy & well, it’s pop! I love pop & R & B.

This concert could also take the record for having the most parents + kids combo at one time! It was almost like a Sunday family outing yesterday! LOL.

So was the concert worth going for? Well, if you are a fan yes. If you have nothing else better to do on a Thurs night, Yes. If your whole family is a Bieber fan, heck why not!
He certainly gave an up-roaring performance, with very little wait between sets & plenty of action. Β He sang, he danced, he shared & communicated with the crowd. You’ll walk away feeling that Justin Bieber really enjoyed performing for you, and he did gave his best during the concert.

More pics to be uploaded soon. Expect pics of people carrying their shoes as they sloshed around in the muddy fields, screaming teenagers, the packed stadium & YES, more pics of Bieber’s performance!!


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