iTalk Whoa gives us RSS…

RSS stands for Rebecca Saw S ..?

LOL. Just joking.

Actually, in rightful terms , RSS is Really Simple Syndication. Problem is (to me at least), even the phase “Really Simple Syndication “ sounds complicated.
When I got the request to write on the iTalk Whoa RSS feature , I groaned & predicted hard hours of research to write about it. Thankfully, it wasn’t so.

Let’s get started.

1WHOA draft2

RSS enables you to get news feeds and updates on any topics that may be of interest to you.
There are a lot of ways to get “RSS feeds”, as how those techies call it.

All blogs and information sites have this feature now. Simply because blog/site owners wants people to read their content. Making it (the info, updates, content) easily accessible guarantees (in a way) that their site remains relevant & generates traffic/awareness.

Tech definition of RSS:
RSS is a popular technology employed by websites and weblogs to push headlines and summaries of content directly to users via dedicated RSS readers or web-based services like Google Reader. Also known as web feeds, it saves the user from having to make daily trips to numerous websites for fresh content that is of interest to him.

So, in iTalk Whoa window, look for this:

RSS - pic 1

Click on it.. and the top bar changes with options that came with the RSS feature, eg : Add Group, Remove Group.

RSS - pic 2

I’m going to show the Add Group part… and I’m naming my group “News”.

RSS - pic 3

Now, to get the RSS feed from a website.. ..I’m choosing cos that’s as general as I can get.
Scroll down to the end of the webpage until you see the orange image. That’s RSS icon. Click on it.

The Star Online

Actually, you can input any RSS into your iTalk Whoa! from any website as long as they have the RSS icon. So yea, get your RSS feeds from any other newspapers, entertainment, PC or even personal websites like my blog. :heart:
RSS will deliver the headline, short summary and also a link back to the full text whenever an RSS news feed is updated.

Let’s try this out.

The Star Online- RSS

The foodie in me subscribes to RSS feed like “Don’t Call Me Chef”  :heart: So I RIGHT-CLICKED on the RSS button, copy link location & paste it….

The Star Online RSS - Mozilla Firefox 3112010 24909 PM.jpeg

……here…on the top right bar

iTalkWhoa  RSS 1

Click “Add New”.

iTalkWhoa  RSS 3

There you go! Easy peasy!
Well, now that I have done this assignment, I actually know what is RSS all about ! LOL. Talk about being oblivious!
So, here is my Don’t Call me Chef RSS feeds!

iTalkWhoa  RSS 2

(I had to refresh my browser to get the updates so do note on that)

Testing my feed out: Click on one of the links and a windows opens up – taking me to the page:

iTalkWhoa  RSS 4

So one can say RSS feeds are similar to subscribing to a newsletter .
However, I would like to point out that the difference is you would have to share your info (name/email) when you subscribe to a site. Then you get flooded with newsletters, articles which you will eventually forget & it loads up your secondary email (don’t we all use a secondary email for stuffs like this 😉 ).
The RSS feed in iTalk Whoa! eliminates that. Do you bookmark as well? Well, it’s time you consider RSS then!
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