Ippudo Ramen Malaysia – coming soon!

I’m not particularly fond of queuing for my food.

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But I do make exceptions if the situation warrants it. Such situations includes uniquely fabulous food, revered chefs dinners and money-can’t-buy once in a lifetime opportunity meals. Ippudo Ramen falls into the obvious category of fabulous food.

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Though the Orchard area is choked with a food joint at every corner and turn, I tenaciously ignored all distractions as I walked from the MRT in search for Mandarin Gallery. Once found, it was another maze to navigate through within the building before I finally stood in front of the outlet.

I was forewarned about the queue, but I was still dismayed when I saw it.
Ah well, Ippudo was highly recommended by my Singaporean friends as well as a particularly knowledgeable food blogger friend Fui so it should be worth it.
Fine, I thought resolutely. I will join the queue.

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Sometimes its good to travel alone. Sometimes it sucks.
At times like this, it’s good to travel alone. A seat at the counter for one is always available.

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Ippudo Ramen’s menu.
At times like this, it sucks to travel alone. I can only sample ONE bowl! 🙁

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I chose the Ippudo Original Tonkotsu since this is my 1st visit. My plan was to start with the original and then eat my way through the rest of the menu; which gives me a reason to visit Sg pretty often. 🙂

Service is brisk and my Shiromaru Tamago ramen arrived in less than 15 minutes from the time I gave my order to the waitress.

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And of course I had to add an egg.
Actually it was a whole egg; served separately and slightly cold. I cut it into half so I could capture the molten yolk in my pictures. A decently thick slice of pork loin as well as some cabbage pieces was included in the original order, if that counts for anything.

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This was the only bowl of ramen outside of Japan that I actually finished every strand of noodle and could even sip the soup. The soup, though complex and rich in taste wasn’t salty or oily as the ones I had in Menya Musashi or Gantetsu Ramen.
Frankly, everything in that bowl was so good. The soup, the tasty pork loin, the egg and of course the thin, springy noodles.

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Since I was back from Singapore I have been craving for a good bowl of ramen but I couldn’t bring myself to go back to Menya Musashi, Gantetsu Ramen or Santouka. Not after what I had in Japan. Not after Ippudo Ramen.
Another popular ramen chain in Sg is Tampopo. I haven’t tried it so perhaps in the future I might prefer that over Ippudo or I may not. For now, within Malaysia and Singapore, Ippudo would be my default choice for ramen.

Anyhow, I just found out yesterday that…  …..

Ippudo ramen malaysia FB

Yes you saw right. Ippudo is coming to Malaysia! I’m now anxiously waiting for Ippudo Malaysia to open and I hope it won’t be long.
If the quality remained consistent and similar to the Singapore one, the ramen scene in KL is looking rosy! :DD

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